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Originally Posted by Dark Sad Shadow
i can play it on xp, but something strange happen, the speed sensor on my joystick always change my camera
I just installed RS. I haven't played on this computer before, but I used to play it fine on another XP computer. Now it's all screwed up. If I run it normally, the 3d parts (like the opening cutscene) go very slowly and choppy. The game menu works fine, though. On my most recent try, when I tried to actually play, it went super fast instead of super slow. It went way fast, but when I was playing, would at times go super slow for about a second, then go fast again.

If I run in compatability mode for 95 or 98, the game itself runs alright, but the menu goes so slow as to be basically unavigable. Navigating with my joystick is very slow and non-responsive, and my mouse works fine for a few seconds, before it becomes extremely slow, and also erratic, not matching my movements at all. The one time I got the game to run under those conditions, the gameplay went fine, except ever time I'd change my thrust with my slider, the camera would move out another mile. THe same thing happens when it's running really fast.

It's screwed up, and pissing me off. I can either have a menu or a game, but either way the camera screws up.

UPDATE: I've been working on this and reading other posts on this. Now, I'm also occasionally experiencing the bug where you don't respawn when you die, and having just now completed a mission for the first time, I found that it also crashes when I do that. So it looks like I have every possible problem. And it sucks.

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