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Lungfish boss encounter problem

(Some small non-plot spoilers, though if you're reading this then I doubt you care)

Hi all

Tearing my hair out a bit here. I'm at the Lungfish boss fight. I can do the bit with the boxes of nails, I can do the whole running-around-in-a-bubble thing, but when I get to the end of that... nothing happens. The bubble gets smaller and smaller until there is quite literally nowhere for me to go, and I get forced into the water.

I get to the rail slide, I go down that OK. I eventually resorted to a walkthrough, which I hate doing but hey, and that claims that at that point I should go back to fighting the lungfish and he should start swinging his antennae at me, which I need to trap in the clams. Well, I get his health bar up OK, but he never swings anything at me - it stays in the moving-air-bubble sequence, which as I say just gets progressively (and quickly) smaller until I've got nowhere to go but into the water.

Anyone got any suggestions? I like the game, but this is killing it quickly for me. I'm hesitant to throw the word "bug" around, particularly since I can't see anyone else obviously having this problem, but it does look a little like it to me...

EDIT: I should probably specify - PC version 1.04, Win XP, 1GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 5900FX graphics card, although it doesn't look like a hardware problem to me. I have a save game available if anyone wants it particularly, though I don't see any way to attach it on here.

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