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Chapter 17: Lights and Sights
I admit that I was glad to get away from them especially Mira and the Miraluka. It was disturbing that Mira hit on me and I didn’t end up in a bar fight and it was even more disturbing when the Miraluka touched me as if she were trying to see my soul. I was reluctant to leave T3 behind but I figured that if the Hawk was in better shape, they could meet up with Darius later.

I wasn’t stupid and I made it to Coruscant without any problems, except for the demanding of an ID signature. I had a sheer second of terror that they might fire upon me because the fighter’s ID signature was not in any of the databanks. I forced myself to remain calm and I sent it. My fears were unfounded as I was allowed to land on a docking platform, at least that is what I thought it was. I was feeling sleepy from the long travel and envied Kapu. At least he got to sleep during the long flight to Coruscant.

I was so sleepy I wasn’t paying attention to what kind of platform it was or where it was. I just let Kapu out and let myself out but failed to put my hood on. I just stood and gazed at the lights and sights. I had nearly forgotten. A funny feeling came to mind but I heard that psycho droid’s voice in my head as he said, “Very pretty.” I shrugged my shoulders overcome with tiredness and tried to stifle a yawn. Damn, that psycho droid grows on you, in a way.

I was leaning against the fighter and watching the sun go down. Kapu had circled the fighter twice and then laid down to watch as well. He hardly limped which was a good sign, as that little slash didn’t cause too much damage. I glanced down and made sure that he was fine and then continued to watch the sunset. I began to doze off leaning against the fighter and feeling the warm sun on my face. I must have been exhausted for I did not sense nor see someone come up behind me.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” a little voice was saying.

I felt a push on my left shoulder. Someone was trying to wake me up. I reluctantly surrendered my slumber and slowly opened my eyes. My eyes didn’t focus properly but I got a hint of a blue face and a kid-like expression. For some reason I blurted out, “Mission do you have any idea what time it is?”

My eyes focused and I instantly recognized the blue Twi’lek that I had a brief image of when I was on the trail to the academy. She looked frightened at me but she drew a modified blaster and pointed it at me. Her voice came firm, “Look, I don’t know how you know my name but I am not gonna ask ya this again, what are you doing here?”

I gazed around and realized that I was on a private landing pad. I thought to
myself, Why did they tell me to land here? Why did I call her Mission? I just looked at the young Twi’lek woman and looked even more at the blaster she was holding, pointed now directly at my head. I slowly raised my hands and spoke as calmly as I could, “Look, I was told to land here. I didn’t know that this belonged to someone.”

“Who are you?”

“Jacen. Jacen Cirrus.” Slowly I moved my robe aside to reveal my lightsaber hanging from my belt. “See. I’m a Jedi.”

She lowered her weapon and asked, “Then why aren’t ya at the Temple? They got a new council there, trying to rebuild.”

“I have been away for quite a time.”

I guess Mission seemed to trust me for she holstered her blasters. I lowered my hands. She said, “Yeah. Probably been hidin’ huh? I mean…”

“Well…I have been near the Outer Rim for awhile…and beyond that,” I said. Something told me that this little Twi’lek was special, at least to Revan, almost like sisters. I smiled at the thought for that fit the Revan that I had met when she crash-landed on my world.

“Did you see Revan?” The question shocked me.


“Well, if you went beyond the Outer Rim, then maybe you might have seen Revan. She left a little over four years ago and didn’t say why. At least she could have left a note or something,” and Mission’s voice trailed off a bit.

“She didn’t say anything?”

“No. It was hard especially for Carth. I bet it was even worse for her. They fancied each other.”

It wasn’t how I would put it considering I had a front row seat foray into her feelings about three months ago. Still I could see that this was hard on the kid and I was tired of keeping secrets. So I gently said, “Yeah I know. I met her and she’s fine. Sad but fine.”

Her little face looked at me with a shocked expression. She could barely string her words together, “You… know? Where is she?”

I could see that in spite of her tough façade, she was still just a kid. I saw some tears brimming to her eyes and in a reaction I reached out to hug her. I whispered softly, “She’s alive on my homeworld. Possibly close to twelve parsecs from Rakata Prime.”

The little Twi’lek looked at me and gave a strange look. She stepped back and studied my face as if she were trying to believe it. I didn’t have to read her thoughts to see that she could hardly believe that there was another planet besides the one she crash-landed on five years ago. It must have been about two minutes before she asked, “Why are you here?”

Personally I was amazed at how people could think one thing but keep attention focused on business. Then again, Avalonians did a lot of double talk and multiple meanings when keeping secrets. I replied with a question, “Would you believe me if I said that I came to stop a great evil that has already infiltrated the Outer Rim?”

“I wouldn’t have a hard time believing that sonny. I was wondering when you’d finally work up a nerve to talk,” a voice came to my left.

I turned to see the wrinkled old man that I had seen on Telos looking at me. Behind him were two others, Jedi. One looked like a cat and the other was a human. I began to get an uncomfortable feeling that they might gain up on me. I started to back away slowly and pressed my back against my ship. I couldn’t sense anything from the old man but the two Jedi behind him had a plethora of emotions that flooded my senses and caused apprehensions.

I guess Jolee noticed that for he said, “Calm down sonny. We’re not going to attack you. I wouldn’t considering how well you fought those creatures on NarShadaa. Heh, just like when I used to fight only against smugglers and the like.”

I merely kept a wide-eyed expression looking at them. I was still pressing my back into the ship. I briefly closed my eyes and sifted through my thoughts. I opened my eyes and looked at the three of them. I slowly started to speak, “Look if I landed here on your landing pad, it is a mistake. I’ll move it and everything can just blow over.”

“Hey, don’t leave,” Mission said, “Jolee’s too old to be fighting a young guy like you. Besides I think they’d want to hear what you have to say.” She gave me a reassuring smile. I guess she trusted me, or something.

I stayed there but was less pressed against the fighter as I started to relax. Four pairs of eyes were looking at me. Kapu by this time had woken up and surveyed the scene. His pronounced judgment was that they were not a threat so I relaxed. I asked, “What would you like to know?”

They asked me questions about Revan and if I knew where she was and the like. I told the truth of how we met and what was going on my homeworld. When I got to the part of my suspicion that the creatures that Jolee saw me fight had already invaded Republic space in the Outer Rim, they became quiet. I knew that they didn’t want to fight another war, the Republic was trying to heal. I did say that it could have been that they are trying to draw the Republic into fighting and that I could be wrong about everything. Jolee, who had been the deepest of listeners said, “No, you are not. You came here for a reason and your basis is a solid one. They are here to conquer.”

“That is why I came to Coruscant to talk to whoever is in charge of the Fleet. This may be the beginning of a long war I’ll admit that but I get the feeling that it will be closer to my home,” I said. “So, if you could direct me to the right place, I’ll just go there…”

“Sonny, don’t tell us these things and expect us to just accept them. We are Jedi, or at least I was. It is the duty of the Jedi to protect the galaxy. We’ll come with you and I suspect your ‘friends’ on NarShadaa will too. Besides you don’t need to go anywhere. The person you need to talk to lives here,” and with a deft motion, the old man shooed Mission and the other two out to leave me there on the platform.

I watched them leave and then turning around to gaze at the lights. Night had fallen and it was a sight to see. A voice then sounded behind me, “Beautiful isn’t it. Not like Telos however.”

I spun around to face…


Three hours later I had finished telling my tale and my true reasons for coming here. Carth’s face didn’t try hard to hide the tears that were threatening to fall. He was so relieved that Revan was alive and his emotions were overpowering mine. I had let down the blocks that Tulre had been teaching me. I guess I felt that if I absorbed his pain, it would become less. I could feel the same feelings that Revan felt and I understood better why she was full of regret. I admit I had the crude thoughts of the young since he was graying slightly at the temples but just looking at him, it made sense.

When Carth controlled himself he smiled and said, “Well I guess the only thing to do is to give help.”

“I know we are not members of the Republic but…” I started.

“I know and I saw in the records that the Jedi helped your world on numerous occasions and you did the same,” Carth replied when the comm beeped. He left to go answer it and I went to stare out the windows. I could see memories dancing in my mind, mostly of kisses and love phrases. I shook my head and started walking towards where Carth had left. I was about to pass a room when I heard a conversation going on between Carth and one of his officers.

“Admiral, one of our convoys has just been ambushed near Tatooine and we are taking heavy losses.”

“Can you get an ID on the attackers?”

“No sir, the ships are nothing like what we have encountered before. They don’t even register as Sith ships.”

“Do what you can captain, I’ll send reinforcements. Admiral Onasi out.”

I had slipped away so he wouldn’t find me there. I guess he figured that I knew for he said after coming out of the room, “Well, I guess the enemy is here. Let’s go.”

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