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"OOF!" Emma cried, falling backwards as reality caught up with her.
"I KNOW! I SHALL USE MY MAGICAL GROW-O-MATIC TO BECOME A TEENAGER AND ESCAPE REALITY ONCE MORE!!!" Emma cried in joy, pulling a large red object out of her pocket. She pressed a few buttons on the small, square object and pointed it at her self. Suddenly, she was eclipsed in a bright orange light, and she became taller and older.
"I am now a teenager, capable of POOFING TO DIMMSDALE!!!" She cried, grabbing out another object. It was slightly bigger than the magical bracelet of shininess, and it was golden, not purple. She smiled, showing her shiny white teeth, and purring. She was a cat person after all. Well, a kind-of cat-person. But more person than cat. She pointed the thing at herself, and pressed a button. Suddenly, she was bathed in more orange light as she got new clothes.
"I am now SHINY and dressed like kairi from kingdom hearts!!!" She yelled, flicking her tail impatiently. She was right, she WAS dressed like Kairi, in her purple skirt. She pulled out a magical bracelet of shininess and suddenly was poofed to Dimmsdale.
"FAIRLY ODD PARENTS LAND!!!" She yelled, skipping off to find her heroine, Vicky.

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With that, pyrohappygirl becomes about 100 times better than Darth_Ave, who is about 100 times better than Shakespeare. So you're like 100,000 times better than Shakespeare, but only a mere 100 times better than me.

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