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A very old thing I'm ashamed of showing

Truth is, the only upgrades I've done over 3 years are sound card and hard drive. They cost me right under 200$ CAN for a very good upgrade. Then again, I put a lot more importance into sound then most people. Got to have decent 5.1 surround sound
The primary components are still old. If you're interested, my old AMD Athlon 2000+ is still working wonderfully well. I only need to upgrade my graphics card (currently ATi Radeon 9000 PRO) to bring it a notch closer.
However, what stops me is basically the need of a new and decent motherboard. With a new motherboard, I'll need a new processor and hell, I don't want to upgrade slowly over time. With Uni coming up next September and the possible need of a laptop, I'll have to wait... -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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