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Kate was in a school. The hallways were empty until a bell rung. She turned invistible then awalked off to the gym. All of a sudden she heard singing. She looked inside and saw a crappy music routine. "OH MY F****** GOD!!! I"M TRAPPED IN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!! AHHHHHHH I HATE YOU ARMOR DUDE!!!!!!!"

Kate poofed back to earth. "You put me in high School Musical. NOW YOU MUST DIE!!!!" She grabbed him and poofed off into her white room. She froze time and stabbed him multipul times, then she got a gun, and shot him. Then she took him, and poofed to the 4th dimension. Only she could go there and come back. Anyone or thing she left there couldn't come back unless it was with her. She left him floating around in the 4th dimension and poofed back to Logan.

"Well, that's done!" She said, lightheartedly.
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