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Originally Posted by popcorn2008
Yeap, a Turion is the better processor. The Sempron is the equivelent to the low end Intel Celeron chip. In other words, Sempron and Celeron are for low budget individuals (myself ) and the Pentium and Turion are the higher end and better processors, though also more pricey.
Turion64s are actually AMD's mobile CPU. You'll usually see them in high-end, lightweight laptops because they use very little power. I believe you were thinking of Athlon64s and Athlon64 FX-series processors, as those two are generally considered the Pentium's competition.

Originally Posted by EAWFAN
ok crash course in this.... Intel has more ghz than AMD but AMD has more bus(its the speed that connects your RAM and other stuff to your proccesor) on average a intel has 800 bus and a AMD has 2000.
AMD processors actually just have sockets that support HyperTransport, which multiplies the processor's FSB (AMD processors all have a default FSB of 200 MHz) by whatever amount in order to increase the flow of data between the CPU and the rest of the system (mainly the RAM). Intel processors just have a standard Northbridge (or Southbridge, I can't remember which) connection, which has no multiplier.

AMD processors are better mainly because of their instruction sets, architecture, and better power consumption though.

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