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Chapter 21: Ambush
Rakata Prime. Nice place to visit and a place for a romantic tropical evening. Maybe that’s what Carth thought five years ago. I certainly thought so at the moment as I was hiding out with my squad, and members of the Ebon Hawk in the old settlement of the One that had been broken up by Revan five years ago. We managed to sneak onto the planet to mobilize as part of an ambush to drive back the Rashikians. Mandalore and his clans successfully ‘joined’ with them. How he did it, well all he said to me was, “I took care of it.” At least he believed me when we hooked up with Carth and the fleet.

It had taken us two months to get to Rakata Prime and lay low. Mandalore, called Canderous by Carth, supplied us Intel about mobilization and plans. I asked no questions and I received none and I preferred it that way. To be honest I didn’t want to know and frankly I didn’t care. I was on full alert and everything had me ready to jump into my fighter and take off. My patience held me in check. I think my squad and ‘friends’ noticed the change for they voiced it in subtle ways. HK-47 kept saying that his gears were quivering with anticipation just like mine. He was the most obvious and frankly I found it funny. I had forgotten my previous mental note to ‘fix’ him and left him alone. The only thing I asked was that he not shoot the gizkas.

We were waiting for any word of movement towards the Republic or Avalon. Then per our plans, rather the ones I came up with, we would begin attacking. It was a bold move on my part, as I preferred to get a gist of a person’s intentions by defense. I think Canderous was surprised that I had it in me when I filled him in on the details. I shrugged it off and jus walked away. Most of the time my attention was to the stars at night. Often I could be seen sitting on one of the huge boulders just looking up at the stars. Navel gazing as I called it but it was something I couldn’t shake not even after spending eight months with Republics.

I was doing this when Mission came up and sat by me. After much begging on her part, I agreed to let her be here. I admire her courage in one so small and I often wanted to chuckle at the amusing thought that she could push even Canderous around. We were just sitting there on the boulder side by side looking up when she asked, “What do the stars say tonight?”

My gaze never left the stars but I replied, “The same as always, unusually bright especially the Morning Star cluster. Battle and death, the usual.”

“The same as every night?”

“Yep yet there is a change in brightness. It is almost time.”

“Can you see anything else besides the war?”

This was a usual occurrence between us. Ever since she first saw me gaze at the stars she wanted to know more about it. Looking back, I think she missed the closeness she shared with Revan. Sitting there was a time well spent in between waiting and more waiting. As I was sitting there, I responded, “Just the usual stories and the future.’

“What kind of future?”

“Different from yesterday and the day before that and it’ll change by tomorrow.” I always said that because the future can change with every single action.

Mission just sat there and gazed up with me. She was trying to identify planets from stars. The air felt different that night and it was said so in the stars. We just sat there gazing up at the stars and listened to the waves wash upon the shore. At one point I began to sing gently. I was interrupted by Mission, who asked, “Whatcha singing?”

“Just a song. One about the jasilyn blossom. It was named for the Morning Star and because it was pure white.”

“Can you sing it?”

“Well, it is sung in Avalonian…”

“Can you sing it in Basic?” she interrupted.

“I think I can translate it. Just give me a moment to think.” I was surprised that she wanted to know and it pleased me. I thought about it for a moment while I was watching the stars. Then slowly but surely I began:

Jasilyn, Jasilyn
Every morning you greet me
Pure and white
Shining bright
You bring joy here to greet me
Blossom of love
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Jasilyn, Jasilyn
Bless the morning forever

It was quiet after I let the last note die upon the waves. I had broken my gaze from the stars and was gazing at the ocean. Mission broke the silence by saying, “That is so pretty. I can’t imagine what it would be like in your language.”

“Maybe you will be able to learn it,” I replied and looked at her and smiled.

She returned it and we both continued to look at the sky. Upon looking close at the specific cluster I was looking at, I saw a change. I made a move to pull out my comm just as it beeped. I couldn’t answer it as we were interrupted by blaster fire.

I pushed Mission off the rock and shouted for her to run back to camp and get to the Ebon Hawk. I saw Rashikians trying to make their way to the encampment and I went to head them off. I had traded my double bladed lightsaber for two single blades, which proved to be more efficient for me to keep them back. Atton and Mira had ran to help me and we managed to succeed in holding them off.

After about half an hour of fighting, I made my way to my fighter where T3 was waiting and ready to go. I jumped in and issued command, “Red Group initiate attack pattern delta. Engage.”

The Ebon Hawk was already in the air and heading up to meet the ships with the rest of the fleet. My squad and made a run on the deck to scan for more of the Rashikians. We then made a break for space and were instantly greeted by a fleet of command ships and fighters. I shouted, “Fighters coming in.” Then to no one in particular I said, “This is where the fun begins.”

We immediately engaged in a firefight. I was expecting them to ambush us at one point. My squad was to be bait for the rest of the fleet. Our job was to hold off as much as we can until the main fleet arrived. I directed as well as I can trying to hold the line. My blood was charged with a fire as I flew in and out of the command ships, firing at the fighters. A couple of times I caught glimpses of the Ebon Hawk and I thought to myself that whoever was in the turrets was having fun. They were showing no mercy to the enemy. I was caught up in this when T3 let out of string of beeps.

Out of the corner of my eye, the rest of the Republic fleet came into view and commenced firing. Using the Force I managed to tune into the emotions of the Rashikians. They rang of anger and frustration. I saw more enemy ships appear and start firing. I thought that they were countering our move and had anticipated our attack. Still following the charge in my blood I charged into battle firing and destroying any enemy in my path. I had become aware that I had been changing over the past few months. I was feeling more of the urge to fight but I also found myself detaching myself from everything except during downtime. It was more noticeable when I came home but that was much later.

I was leading a charge at the main ship when the fighters began to reverse course and call retreat. They were heading back towards Avalon but in full force. We had managed to drive them off but we had to chase them. I called for my squad to follow. We entered hyperspace followed by the Ebon Hawk. We were heading home.

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