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" It had the power to grow really long beards. Oh come on! when will you stop. Timmy, a little help here." said Kelvin.

"oh right! I wish that girl was dead!" said timmy.

"We can't kill, or injure someone" said Wanda.

"Then I wish she was traped in Idaho and couldn't poof back!" said timmy.

"You got it!*waves wand*" sauid wanda.

"Anyway , you should watch out for ... them. They are the ten dooms. Each of them represents an evil of the universe. Murder, Greed, theft. Etc. The more the evil is commited the doom corresponding grows stronger. Their leader is Destruction. They have 1 oblivion weapon. the bone of Kard. It can answer any question if the question is asked in complete darkness.

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