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Suddenly out of nowhere, Kelvin's father, master of all time appeared and cured Kelvin completely. Kelvin and Abby prepared for battle until, a mysterious figure appeared. " Not you again!" said Kelvin. Then the mmysterious being spoke."My name is Anih Evol. You may call me Evol. I am the leader of the the 10 dooms. You, kate! You call yourself creator! you are no match for the true creator's talent. I laugh at your febal attempts at power. I can undo this damage easily. Watch. Ultimate Destiny!" soon, the univewrse reformed and it has been as if it had never been destroyed in the first place. " i leave but remember my power. Especially you Kate. You are not deserving of your power. I created your power and I can take it back. Do not harm Kelvin. I need him in my plans." Evol left and everything was back to normal.

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