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Chapter 22: Diaries of the Jedi Part III
These were entries I found that occurred during the battle and the moments leading up to Red Squadronís appearance into Avalonian space.


We have engaged the Rashikians at the plains of Jasilyn with the fleet above us. The field is covered with thousands of Rashikians that it looks like a darkened sea of death. Darius and I are on draigons on the northern hill watching and waiting for attack. This is nothing like the Mandalorian wars. Both sides engaged with the blade and few use blasters of any kind. If anything they are bound by this sense of honor in battle. It makes me wonder if they took a leaf out of the Mandaloriansí book.

The troops have been gathering and the medicine healers are on standby at the medevac camp. Petronius said that this may be the day of reckoning; that this may be the day that our enemy may finally be revealed. Iím not so sure but I sense that something is coming and many of the Bushida Jedi sense it as well. At least they are holding together in spite of the losses we took in the last battle.

That battle, Tulre died. I admit that it created a void in my heart for he was the one who helped me to better understand the Avalonian people better. At least he will live on in memory thanks to Michaela. I think Jacen will be pleased when he gets back. Eight months and we have seen many changes and not all of them good. Now we make ready for the fight. Off in the distance I can see Sigaraís old fortress. He was driven out when he resisted. He was lucky that he didnít get so much as a scratch. I could tell from the way Naomi fussed over him that she cared for him and he did to by the way he would smile at her. Another thing to remind me of Carth and myself. I see a lot of reminders as I call forth the troops and sometimes it depresses me.

There is the blast to the east. The enemy is here. Now we fightÖ


War. A dismal time and a time that causes many regrets. Over and over I am reminded of the decisions I made to join the Mandalorian wars. At least I donít feel the void anymore. It has become a dulled sensation because so many have died and the screams are never heard for there are none.

Revan has a determined look about her face. The same one I saw her with when she would lead her troops to battle. Heh, Tulre was right. You never do lose what you have learned. Revan assumed her mantle with courage and I was reminded again why I followed her willingly the first time. I also remember that Malak followed her like a lost kith pup. She took pity on him and so did the other students. Who knew that he would become a Sith Lord?

I find myself often looking at the sky as if expecting any moment that Jacen would come barreling out of the sky or something. I think back to when Kreia told me that Revan would need warriors. I wonder if she knew that the warriors were the ones that were our allies but I remember she said that they would be Sith and Jedi. It doesnít seem possible but maybe the Rashikians are the Sith that are supposed to fight but they are fighting against us. Nah, always in motion the future is.

There is the sound. Again we go into battle and again we cause death and destructionÖ


I am taking a risk but I must fight because everything depends on it. Nayana, Naomi and I have gathered what Handmaidens we could and have made our way to the plains of Jasilyn, the field of the Morning Star. A shame that blood has to defile such a pure and white place. I remember Mikkado more often now especially that night in the township. In war, the innocent die along with the guilty parties. Strange thoughts to be thinking but this shows weakness. We must not show weakness!

We are hiding in the thickets bordering the plains. The Rashikians make a seemingly endless blackened sea of hate. The stench of death hangs on them like the armor that they wear and their blades gleam in the morning sun. We are joined by a small band of Haida women from Belos. The rest are amongst the troops. I can see them from here. They look magnificient. Every muscle is finely toned and poised like a straif cat ready to strike.

I hope Jacen is alright. I havenít been able to sense anything distressing through our special bond but I have my concerns. He has always been running from his past, hiding from who he is, a warrior under the mantle of the Jedi. Still he will find his way even if he tries everything he can to hold it at bay. He has so much to look forward to when he comes back.

Thereís a sound coming from our side of the field. I can hear it rising distinctly as the morning sun starts to climb. It is the jasilyn song. I could hear the murmuring calm of all the warriors singing it. Of all the times I have heard it sung, this is the most moving. It is like saying a farewell to the purity of the field. Nayana and the others wanted to sing with them but it would give away our position if we made a sound. Instead, we each sang it silently to ourselves. It was like a revitalization of our spirits.

From the enemy side of the field, the Rashikians broke out in their signature war cry and began to charge. Our side responded and charged as well. Some were on draigons but most were on foot. At the front I saw Revan lead the charge with her yellow lightsaber gleaming in the sun. She was followed close behind by Darius who brandished his silver lightsaber with equal strength. Now all we have to do is wait. Wait until the word is given.


The cry sounded and the charge sounded. I turned my draigon towards the center and charged. We clashed like two opposing waves in an ocean. The fighting was fierce and there was blood in the air. I led a small squad through that sea of death to try and take Sigaraís fortress. If we could get there, we could push them back.

I lost track of Darius after the initial clash and at one point we got separated but we continued on. As much as I didnít want to be the Revan that I was, I found myself settling into a battle readiness that was disturbingly familiar. I brushed the feelings aside as I fought on, clashing and killing Rashikians that were in my way.

We made it to Sigaraís fortress but were in for a surprise. Behind the hill there were reinforcements and more firepower than we had. Apparently whoever was pulling the strings of these creatures was really disregarding the code of honor that is inherent by these peoples. At one point, a blaster shot from a cannon hit the dirt in front of my draigon that sent me flying. I fell hard next to a downed speeder and sought refuge to try and collect my thoughts and give some aid. It was at that moment a new wave of Rashikians started charging. It was then I heard a high pitched call and hundreds of Handmaidens came out of nowhere and started charging. For a moment the Rashikians froze as if they didnít know how to face the oncoming wave of fearless women who were said to be better than the men and something to be feared.

A new barrage of blaster fire started to rain down on them. At one point I thought I caught a glimpse of Michaela. Blast the woman! But I canít blame her. I would do the same for my future, if I still have one with Carth. The barrage was coming down harder. I looked up in time to catch a Rashikian coming at me with a blade that was raked. I managed to dodge it but I wasnít quick enough. The tip caught my right side causing intense pain. Now I know how Jacen felt that night when we were trying to get to the Academy.

After disposing of the Rashikian, I quickly used Force Heal to press on. The fire was getting more intense but it wasnít directed at us. It was directed upÖ


Revan and I got separated after the initial clash. Still I had my orders, to press forward and hold the line. That seemed to be the hidden drive for Revan. I had no idea that Jacen whispered that to her the night he left. I hope he changed for the better.

I didnít miss the call that gave rise to the hidden Handmaidens. It was a good element of surprise. Even that didnít stop the Rashikians for they just kept coming harder and faster. At one point the barrage fire directed the cannons not towards us but to the sky. I took a moment to look up and through the atmosphere shot a single fighter. Then behind it came more. The lead fighter began to fire. I could sense that it was Jacen but a different Jacen and yet it was a familiar presence. It was like being back in the Mandalorian wars and again on the Ravager. I could also sense something else. He was not alone.

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