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Chapter 24: Reunions
My home had been rebuilt after the Takashi Forest had been cleared and I found out that Michaela had been busy moving our things back in while in between helping the wounded and fighting. I felt the familiar feeling of home when I approached with T3 and Kapu in tow. Revan and Darius were coming to celebrate but I could sense they were there for something else. There was a tension about that had me suspicious but my desire to see Michaela threw that out the window.

I approached the staircase leading to the stoep when Michaela opened the door and came out. She stopped and looked at me with a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She was beautiful. Her hair had grown longer and I noticed that she had added highlights, the traditional mark of a handmaiden or a female warrior. Revan had done the same thing with her hair and I noticed this when we were being treated by the healers for our injuries. Michaela had her hair down and was smiling at me. She said, “I see you decided to become more manly. I thought I told you not to get any more scars.”

I smiled in reply and said, “And I see that you have become a warrior woman.”

She responded, “Shut up and kiss me you fool,” and she pulled me into an embrace.

I responded by kissing her deeply and hugging her tightly and telling her that I had missed her. She was hanging on my neck and kissing my back. It seemed like eternity that we were standing there when she broke the embrace and said, “I guess you want to see what I have done with the place.”

I followed her inside and glanced about our home. It had changed and there was a change in the air too. I was so busy scanning the room that I didn’t see Michaela walk into our room and come back carrying a small bundle. I was looking at the ceiling and reaching out with my senses when she said in a teasing voice, “You may be a Jedi but you sure are clueless to things around you.”

I turned to see her holding a tiny infant wrapped in a soft blanket. She came towards me smiling and placed the bundle in my arms. As she did she said softly, “This is Tulre, your son.”

For that moment, it seemed as if time had stopped. I was literally rendered speechless. I had known that before I had left that Michaela had been slightly emotional but she had kept it hidden so well and I had been too busy bothering with my nightmares to notice. I felt ashamed and yet she was so patient with me. I didn’t deserve her but I loved her deeply. I found it hard to say anything. I did manage to find my voice when Revan said, “For someone trained in diplomacy, he sure is quiet. I thought guys like you loved to talk.”

I grinned and asked, “You two knew didn’t you?”

“Of course,” Darius responded, “Michaela told us after you left to play hero in the Outer Rim.”

I turned my gaze down to the little boy in my arms. He seemed to know that I was his father by the way that he stared at me and smiled occasionally. I could feel my love for him pour into him. This would later create a special bond between us as he grew up. I turned to Michaela with a question on my tongue. She answered, “He’s a month old.” She then continued, “I named him Tulre for your friend at the Academy.”

I was well aware of the meaning of namesakes and I couldn’t be more happier that my son was named after a mentor and a friend. I teased Michaela and said, “And he will become a stuffy chronicler or worse. He could be like Master Vrook.”

Revan and Darius groaned and I began to laugh. Little Tulre began to giggle and coo with all the laughter. Michaela joined in as well as Revan and Darius. I admit that it was a pretty good joke that they pulled on me about my son. Little did they know that I had a couple of tricks up my sleeves.


That evening was a feast to celebrate the first true victory of our people. Everyone was invited including our new friends from the Republic. Darius I had a good laugh when I reunited him with Visas the Miraluka. It was nothing like the scene they witnessed me give with my wife Michaela who was now by my side holding my son.

Everyone of the Zherron tribe wanted to see him and hold him especially Nayana and Naomi. Those two fussed over him worse than a pair of grandmothers yet it was a pleasant sight to see. Sigara finally worked up the courage to tell Naomi that he loved her and he popped the question that same night. Both crews of the Ebon Hawk were there, cheering though I did not see Revan anywhere. I think she had decided to just wander next to the Chinooka River and think. I think it was the general good feeling everyone was feeling that made people who were afraid to say things say them and mean them. There was also some sadness as well.

I had worked up the courage to tell Trystan what had happened to his eldest son Eómeros. Being the brave warrior, he tried to hold it in but he couldn’t hold back the tears. He let them fall down his cheeks and allowed me to pull him into a comforting embrace. He was grateful for it for when he composed himself he said, “Thank you.” He also asked, “There is still a chance that he can return to the light?”

I responded as best that I could, “There is always a chance. He has to take the first step.”

I think Lord Trystan was more comforted by that. I think he had hope that the good character that he son exhibited before becoming Lorien would influence his choice to be redeemed. Redemption is a hard thing to come by but the rewards are great no matter how big or small.

After I had left Lord Trystan with his wife Nayana to discuss the situation, I ran into Carth while carrying my son. I could sense that Carth was anxious to find Revan and I wanted to see what was going to happen. I agreed to help him find her and we took off walking down one of the many paths that ran along the Chinooka. We could hear Zaalbar and Mission talking rather loudly as they hugged everyone they had known but we didn’t let that bother us. Carth was silent for the most part but he took a look at my son and said, “Congratulations.”

I responded by allowing him to hold him. I think it reminded him of how he used to hold his own boy Dustil, whom I met later. Tulre seemed to sense that the man holding him was a friend and he smiled at him and grabbed at his Admiral’s uniform with joy. Carth smiled softly and stopped walking to gaze into his little face. He then handed Tulre back to me and we continued to walk. We passed by many couples that had come to enjoy the moonlight by the Chinooka. I decided to strike up a conversation and asked Carth, “So, what do you plan on saying to her?”

“You don’t beat around the bush do you? Well, I hadn’t really thought about it. I guess I would just come up, call her name and kiss her.”

My scar was more noticeable now as I cocked my brow. I guess I conveyed the expression, ‘You have to be kidding,’ for Carth switched tactics and pulled something out of his pocket. He then said, “I was intending on giving her this.”

It was a perfect silver pendant replica of the Morning Star and it was on an equally stunning silver chain that had an antique look to it. I looked at it and I voiced that it was very nice. I was surprised by it but then again it may be called something different on Telos. I then said, “The Morning Star is said to be the lovers star. Legend says that there were two families who hated each other to such an extreme that a bloody feud resulted. One day however, the son of one family and the daughter of the other met and fell in love. They tried to get their families to stop the fighting but alas they died together during a bloody exchange that claimed both their lives. The families were remorseful and erected a tomb to house them both. In the sky above the tomb a single star formed that was brighter than any of the other stars around. Since then it has appeared in the early morning when it is said that the two lovers cast their spell upon the earth. They watch and guide young lovers towards their destiny.” The longest speech I had ever made in one sitting but I was having too much fun with this. I was enjoying the fact that I was involved with this reunion. Another fact was that I could sense through our bond that Revan was going to need a lot for something great to happen.

Carth listened and said, “That is similar to the story we have on Telos.” He then motioned to the pendant. He then said, “I gave this to my wife Morgana when I told her that I loved her. I bought and gave it to a woman I loved and I was thinking of giving to the woman that I love.”

I asked a stupid question, “How does Revan feel about it?”

“Well, we talked. She said she understood that I would always love Morgana. She also said that she would love me no matter what.”

“Of course she will. The heart is something that even when broken keeps on working. You just have to find a way to repair the pieces that have been broken and take it from there.” I felt kind of silly saying that since I never had heard that from anyone before, or did I? I was starting to sound like a philosopher but I didn’t let that bother me, for now.

We actually came across Revan as she was walking along the footpath towards the bridge. Discarding her Jedi robes, she opted for the Haida woman clothes. Personally I thought it suited her though I think maybe that she was trying to change for reasons other than herself. I nudged Carth in the arm with my free hand and pointed up ahead. I could sense part of him wanted to just run up there and start kissing her but the rational part which is slightly smaller than his paranoia took over and he just stood there and watched her.

The moonlight was reflecting off her highlights creating a sheen that matched that of the river. The weaver birds were softly singing their night songs and the Chinooka ran its gentle course creating a gentle rhythm that added to the majestic beauty of the scene. Her life stone given to her by Lord Trystan gleamed it’s turquoise blue in a mesmerizing way that it reminded me of the colors I tended to see in the mornings. I gave Carth the go-ahead sign and fell back to watch the scene. I was joined by Michaela who said very softly, “There you are. I have been looking all over so as to put this little one down for a nap.” She then noticed Carth slowly approaching Revan who gave no indication that she knew he was there. I helped in that I masked his presence and had been concentrating hard when Michaela came that I barely heard her.

After Carth spoke his entrance line, “You look even more beautiful than when I last saw you Gorgeous,” I spoke my reply, “I decided to take a walk.”

Revan had turned around. The look on her face was priceless as the tears began to form down her face. She said something that I couldn’t hear but that didn’t matter, as the emotions I was getting were enough to tell me that she was surprised and happy. Carth cupped her left cheek and gently used his thumb to wipe away the tears. Michaela was watching too when she responded, “I see and you didn’t invite me to this little scene?” She had said it in her teasing voice so I knew she wasn’t mad.

They were still talking. Carth drew her in close and hugged her in a tight embrace and responded the same way. Tears were still coming down her face and they brimmed on Carth’s face. They were still hugging and talking to each other when I responded, “Well you’re here now and you have a front row seat to one of the greatest reunions of all time.”

“Oh and ours wasn’t that great?” She enjoyed teasing me and it felt good that I could the same without feeling like a cynic or brooding over a nightmare. Right now I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Carth was using his forefinger and chin to lift Revan’s face so that her honey colored eyes could gaze into his soft brown ones. He said something and kissed her on the lips. Score! Love conquers all again! I had wrapped my right arm around Michaela’s shoulders and held her close and we held Tulre together. We watched the kiss turn into a long one and I said softly, “Ours was great but this is time going backwards to when we first kissed,” and I bent my head and kissed her forehead gently. Tulre had fallen asleep in our arms as we watched.

Carth and Revan kissed once more and hugged each other. It was as if neither of them wanted to let go for fear of losing each other again. I watched as Carth pulled the pendant of the Morning Star out of his pocket. The silver gleamed in the moonlight making it seem as if he were holding the real star in his hand. He unclasped the ends and, while still facing Revan, he fastened it around her neck. He then straightened it on her neck so it hung perfectly in his opinion. She was just gazing still with a gentle smile and the tears again forming in her eyes. She then reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and said loud enough for us to hear, “I love you flyboy,” and she kissed him.

It was a priceless moment. She had been separated for almost five years and now she had been reunited with her love. Tergis was right when he said that love itself can save you. I would later learn that Jolee said the same thing to Revan five years earlier during their mission to find the Star Forge. Michaela and I just stood here watching as two people in love were reunited after five long years. I turned my head up to look at the sky and saw that just above them, the real Morning Star was shining down brighter than ever upon them.


This one It think was the best one I wrote. I put alot of thought into it. It also helps that I am a sap for romance. If you read the little story J.C tells, it is a very familiar story. 20 cool point for the one who can tell me.

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