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*Casts of the dust-sheets and brushes some dust off the thread*
*Coughing fit* Damned dust

Oookay. It's been some time since I've updated on my modding projects, so I thought I'd do so now. I'll admit it: I haven't done a great deal since the last time I updated this mod. Nonetheless, here is a rough approximation of everything I have done:

K1 modding done in the last 3 months:

TSL modding done in the last 3 months:

I've also come up with a more...unique model for Ulic's LS sabre.

Yes, the glowing green Candalore-lookalike is a new Ghost Ulic.
Yes, the guy in the K1 pics is meant to be Ming the Merciless (I was gonna release it on RH's birthday, but I didn't get around to it).
The main background in that K1 picture is of a new Tatooine Dueling Arena I've been doing a bit of work on.
The sword in that picture I call P'tang.

The pictures in the top-left corner show some recent experiments in walkmesh editing gone wrong, and also, it seems that Bioware originally intended there to be 6 tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords, as opposed to 4...

I should add that not everything in these pictures is necessarily going to be used by me. It's just stuff I've done.
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