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Right, I'm really into comics, I started out with the first series of Metal Hurlant and advanced to Slow Death and other Last Gasp comics of the time.
My alltime favorite comic artist is Richard Corben, he really reinvented the use of the airpen (or whatever that thing is called). After reading almost all of his works a new stile distracted my attention, that of Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy and other strange characters in his paranormal/horror stories.
Then I saw the Tank Girl movie and I really wanted to see the comics of which the movie was partially based on.
Then there was the Warhammer series that didn't really impress me and simmilar comic type ABC Warriors.
After some more french comics as Lanfeust des Etoiles (the early series was called Lanfeust de Troy) Magazine, I finally discovered my (now) favorite comic series: Hellblazer.
Now I'm looking forward to reading the Army Of Darkness comics

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