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Make your own podcasts!

The Commune Beta: A Community Podcast Network

The community has always shown time and time again to exert TONs of creativity! Thus we've decided here at Petroglyph to launch a prototype project - The Commune Beta: A Community Podcast Network to share and exchange Podcasts to your works (EAW Mods, Contests, Experiences with EAW, Petroglyph, Create a Mini Show!)

From time to time, we will also be spotlighting HOT podcasts made by the community on the Petroglyph home page!

Got a microphone and computer? Your ready to Podcast!

1) Check out these simple guides on how to Podcast: Podcast Guide Podcast Guide

2) Send us your banner 120x17 or 88x31 with a link to your site download, a description of your podcast, and we will post it here! For the Commune!

Send all entries to

Don't forget to submit your podcasts here as well. Next week I will set up a podcast review page for EaW.

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