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A sequel to RC is definetley a good idea as, RC has IMO been one of best Star Wars games lately and deserves a sequel. I think Imperial Commando is a good idea, and if a sequel is to eventuate, its the most likely concept.
As for the force sensitive thanks. Not every hero in the Star Wars saga has to be a Jedi or some kind of force sensitive, ie. Han Solo.

An idea I had , was maybe 'Rebel Commando'. Kinda, going the opposite way with the IC idea, but I guess it could fit in with the Alliance style of fighting , like guerilla tactics, sabotage , behind enemy lines and infiltrating Imperial bases and stuff. Also, I suppose rebel troopers would have more room for individual character and personality than a clone , maybe. Of course we wouldnt get any cool armour then though

Anyway, just a thought.

ps-sorry if I repeated anyting already said in this thread, I didnt read through all the pages.
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