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Lord Konohomaru
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Number: Alpha-203
Team: Clones
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber
Class: SPECIAL: Clone Jedi
Bio: This clone used to be a jedi. Yet he was born to be a clone trooper. He was specially cloned to be a perfect soldier. He was born from a jedi, and he had the equivilent force power to that jedi, who was at adiquette power. He went to the Jedi Acadamy at a young age as do all jedi but after becoming a padawan he left the jedi to join the clones. He took his blue lightsaber and his knowledge of force control to the clones hands and became the one and only Clone Jedi. He now is a General in the clone army and destroys many opponent with a flick of the wrisst.

My Fanfics:
Clone Trooper Jedi
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