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Originally Posted by The Doctor
Crap.... I forget which movie it was... either ANH or EBS, when Admiral Piette(sp?) enteres Vader's private chambers, he see's the back of Anakin's head. I can't for the life of me find a pic though... has already posted that

But yes Chase, you are correct with attempt 2. Vader/Anakin's eyes can be seen through the mask in ANH. As you are an older fan (like me) Im sure you can remember discussing it with all the other kids at school - with some insisting he was a robot and that was a "blooper" and others suggesting that he is a person wearing a mask and armour. One kid said that "he must be Obi Wans son" another clever 5yo kid(not me) guessed that he was "Anakin Skywalker" and that Obi Wan was lying about Vader killing him!!! This was in 1979 - a year before ESB; I never forgot that and still marvel at it to this day [/old fogey nostalgia]

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New Question - Pic Required

Q. What was the common insignia worn by both Clone Pilots and Boba in the PT ??

Bonus(which is Movie EU) - what is that an insignia of ??


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