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This thread is Sticki-fied for now

Might as well make this one large consistent thread rather than have a ton of them requesting only one mod Might actually keep things semi-organized as well..

Thanks Shem!


Here's your link Shem

KristyKistic's Revan Cutscene Fixed Force Powers


For anyone who would like to help out..thanks to ABCIMe123, we now have a method on how to dig up links from PCGM:

Originally Posted by ABCIMe123
I think figured out how to download stuff from pcgamemods. You have to type into your address bar with the number of your mod and the filename and press enter. You can probably find the number and filename of the mod you're looking for on google or yahoo.
Using Google's "cached pages" option, you can find the filename for said mod, as well as the "number" field you'll need to complete the URL. Granted this may not be 100% accurate for every mod.. but this is assuming that Google's resources turns up an entry and that entry has been cached at some point in time

Happy Hunting! and be sure to give ABCIMe123 a big Thank You for letting us in on this jewel of a find


EDIT: Another helpfule tip for finding mods via this method:
Originally Posted by purgatory jones
Just to add to the digging up mods tutorial:

If you use the advanced search on google, and enter for the domain section, that helps narrow things down.

Also, if you run into a file name with spaces in it (such as No when you're entering your URL to download it, use "%20" without quotes to replace the spaces.
Thanks again purgatory jones

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