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A few answers

Originally Posted by Evader
1. I've noticed Tierra de los muertos is complete! But I only have three parts, will I be able to get everything?
Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: Yes, you will! Eventually. Nightlight's taking a brief break between radio series at the moment while I shuffle the website a bit. So a few things will be going online - a Tierra page for one, a 3D project page for two, and a new menu image if I can convince Sal. The poor guy, he doesn't know that yet. He's going to wake up, get onto the forums and read. 'New menu!?? Is he serious?!! Aww, damn!!'

I've actually just started scripting the sequal to Tierra de los Muertos. So yeah, more Tierra in the future.

Originally Posted by Evader
2. I've noticed Howard's saga is NOT complete! Is that correct? I hope there'll be more soon. I am also loking forward to Monkey Island!
Short Answer: Yes
Long Answer: You are correct. The Howard Saga is NOT complete. Parts 3 and 6 have never been online... that's because they're not finished yet. They're both recorded, they're just sitting on the computer waiting for my attention.
Part 3 will come first. It's completely edited, and there's a blooper reel as well.

Originally Posted by Evader
3. Would it be posible to release transcribes of the shows? I think I missed few great jokes cause I didn't really understod what's been said.
Short Answer: Maybe
Long Answer: Now by 'transcribes' I assume you mean 'scripts'? At the moment there's no plan to put the scripts online, in any form other than radio plays, purely because I'm a bit worried about people taking the scripts and recording their own version of them.

Plus another reason is that the more radio plays we do, the more the scripts are treated as kind of guidelines. There are many lines that are thrown in while we're recording, and as a result, don't even appear in the script.

I have had a thought about maybe putting a book together of Lost Cause: The Entire Damn Saga, which will also have notes on the development process of all of Lost Cause. It's just a thought at this stage.

Any other questions, gentle readers, while I'm at it?

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