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I everyone,

I thought, it would be a good Idea to program a program, which allows the user to connect with PCGM easier. All you have to do is to tipe in the file nummber and the filename and voilą, you can download the file you want!

Link to the program:

You will need Framework 2 to run the program:

Program description:

You will need Microsoft .net Framework 2 to run this program!

PcGameMods Mod finder by Joris Rosenbusch


Open the .exe file. Then you can do this:

Using Google's "cached pages" option, you can find the filename for said mod, as well as the "number"
field you'll need to complete the URL. Granted this may not be 100% accurate for every mod.. but this is
assuming that Google's resources turns up an entry and that entry has been cached at some point in time.

Then Type in the Modnumber in the first textbox and the filename in the second textbox.
If you have done this, you can click on "Connect", to connect with ther site. If you click on
"Url and UBB", a window will pop up, which shows you the URL und the UBB code of the file adress.

This is only a Beta version! I will try to make it useable without .net Framework 2 and I will try to kill little bugs. But the program
works good!

Have fun!

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