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Originally Posted by Thrik
Er, weren't you saying how a sequel to Grim Fandango would be a terrible idea in some other thread Nick?
Yes, it's still a terrible idea to me. Even if they made a prequel so that the popular characters could be in it, I'm gonna quote myself here:

Every title (movies AND videogames) with a 2 on it is a desperate attempt to win more money.

I just thought you guys should know, since there are a lot of fans here who would like to see a sequel. Hey! since the only possible sequel for this game will be fan-made (if you check there isn't even a link to GF) it would be a good idea if everyone gave their idea of a good STORY for the sequel (screw the graphics and the music, this is what makes a game good, if someone actually finds a story that suits "Grim Fandango 2", I'm gonna be very surprised).
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