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As the...(note: I only play this one in GCW mode)

Rebels - Grab a speeder tank thing and race over to the tuskan village on the hill. Let the first wave of them run out without shooting at them (remember, the AI won't aggressively target you unless you're dangerous). Position the tank between the CP capture zone and that first wave...jump out and start draining the meter. TR infantry will start respawning down on the back side of the village, so be alert. If you do it right, the TRs will be too few to keep you from taking the village.

Empire - spawn at sand crawler as storm/dark trooper, grab speeder bike - race at full speed (careful you don't auger yourself into a hillock!) to the village and take it from the backside...again, do NOT shoot unless you have a TR soldier shooting at you...then clean them off the hill and start shooting at the rebels.

Once you've taken the Tuskan village, as either team, then you can move on...the tuskans will bottleneck the middle of the battlefield in the cisterns (good luck dislodging them!) It's highly improbable they will recapture the village.

I've never had a problem with wiping out the tuskans on this level, personally, on SP

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