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Jae:That amber thing ties in with one of his descendants. Ashira from Broken Wounds- her eyes are amber. Other than that just keep reading.

The master returns once more. Here is the next chapter for your reading entertainment and I have something in there that sounds familiar. I'll give 10 cool points to see if anyone notices it.

Chapter 6: Announcements and Plans
Landing was uneventful except being met by those I had met when I ventured into Republic space. Darius greeted me with a hidden joy. He had rarely come during my two-year recovery as he was assigned to more dangerous fronts. Like Jolee, he looked at me peculiarly and with a puzzled look. I made a note to look and see what was so strange about me. I found comfort in talking to Zaalbar, the Wookiee who greeted me formally and I replied in his language, something I had picked up from Revan. I was getting uncomfortable with all the staring from everyone so I asked a stupid question, “Where’s the refresher?”

Seeing as I wasn’t going to get a response, I turned tail and headed for the nearest door that would take me anywhere but the hangar bay. I didn’t notice T3 had followed me until he beeped at me after I went through the door. I looked at the droid and asked a bit sharp, “What? Are you going to tell me that I look different like everyone else?”

I regretted what I said immediately after I said them but I did not like being looked at like I was a gizka in a zoo. T3 seemed to understand for he let out a series of beeps that sounded sad but a little firm. Imagine a little, top of the line astromech giving me advice. I think I began to understand why Revan liked droids and preferred them sometimes in place of sentient contact. I was the same way when it came to my talking with Kapu or any other animals. I apologized to T3 after his little speech. We then walked together down the corridors, me talking to him about nothing in particular until I finally found the refresher and was able to look at myself and find out what everyone was staring at.

Twenty-four hours later I was on a shuttle with Carth, Juhani, Jolee and Mandalore to touch down on the forest moon next to Aztlan. The droids were with us since I thought that we they would drive the fleet personnel crazy, especially HK. After apologizing for my behavior, everyone seemed a bit at ease. I was more understanding in that some had not seen me in two years, people thought me to be dead and on top of that, I looked slightly different. I sat in the co-pilot seat and was leaning back with my hands clasped behind my head and my eyes closed. I was thinking about what I saw in the refresher.

Everything looked as how I’ve seen myself before. The same scars, the same nose, the same mouth, the same stubborn locks but my brown hair seemed tinged with lighter streaks. If I were at the villa, I would have thought it as Mission’s idea of a joke. My eyes however were different. They had always been green with flecks of gold. My father once told me that they came from my mother. This time they did look different. The gold was more apparent. It didn’t drown out the green completely. If anything, it looked as if I had fire dancing in my eyes and it seemed to accentuate the green more. It looked unusual to me as I stared in my eyes. As I was looking I felt a subtle probing from the Force almost as if it were to nudge me in the direction I was to take, what I was to tell the people…

Carth was talking to me and I had not been paying attention. I snapped out of my thoughts and apologized. He just chuckled and said, “At least Jolee isn’t up here to tell you that you’re an inattentive youth.”

I chuckled and thought about my promise to Revan. When we were discussing the mobilization of the fleet, I suggested that Darius should direct the fleet or be in one of the fighter squadrons. Atton would pilot the Ebon Hawk and Visas could do, whatever a Miraluka could do. Bastilla was going to help with her Battle Meditation on the Sojourn. The rest would be coordinating ground forces with me. It was totally unorthodox of me to have an Admiral of the Republic fleet on ground forces but everyone trusted my judgment. No one really knew that it was because of a promise I had made. One that I was intending to keep.

I sat up and scanned the controls of the shuttle. I responded with a smirk, “Jolee’s never pleased with me. I insult his cooking too much.”

“I think everyone has done that.”

“Have you ever told him that you don’t want to mix salt with paprika if you are trying to not make your meat move?”

“No,” he was chuckling and trying to stifle the laugh, “I’ve never worked up the courage.”

“Not man enough?” I challenged.

“I’m too smart.”

I switched the subject when I saw the indicator light of the shuttle go on, “We’re coming up on the docking bay. Preparing for landing.”

The moon was bustling of life. It was originally a refugee moon for displaced tribes and the like after the initial attack but now is was a staging area for our plan of attack. The leaders of the tribes and the various warlords were gathered around as Mandalore was giving a run down of the plan. It was daring but it was the only way to end this war. We were going to attack Amshrey, the planet where the Blood King had established his fortress. The planet was in the region of space known as the Forbidden Stars. I wasn’t looking forward to it but I knew it had to be done, if not for me then for my wife, my son, my family. Before that, we were going to free Belos and restore the governorship.

I was surveying the leaders there. I saw Sigara but he didn’t recognize me. I think not one of them knew who I was. It didn’t bother me at first but after a few minutes, it began to hurt that no one I had helped and met even remembered me. I pushed these thoughts aside as Mandalore finished. One of the warlords questioned him by asking, “Just how are we going to get to Amshrey without the Rashikians turning on us and who will lead the armies?”

“Not a Mandalorian!” someone shouted.

“And you think you can?” someone else raised.

A shouting match began to ensure. It was just like conclave. I fought a headache that was starting to form. I heard Zaalbar growling about respect and Jolee and Juhani trying to bring order. I tuned it out slightly and found my way back to my vision. My mind focused on the warrior handshake and I kept that image. I raised my head and said loudly, “I’ll do it.” I had to repeat it louder and this time I spoke in Avalonian, “I’ll lead the forces to the fortress.”

Sigara managed to quiet everyone further by asking, “And who might you be?”

I closed my eyes and took a breath. Slowly I opened my eyes and I felt a slight charge. I replied, “I am Kirabaros.”

Everyone was looking at me in a stunned shock. I think they thought of Kirabaros as myself before the war. Here they were looking at a complete stranger who claimed to be Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian. I kept my eyes directed to the leaders not paying attention to the looks I was getting from my friends. The silence was broken by a warlord who responded, “You lie. Kirabaros was a boy. He’s dead now. How dare you claim his warrior name.”

I was going to respond when a young voice piped up, “He is Kirabaros. I know because he saved me when I was coming of age.”

I looked and saw a boy I hadn’t seen in two years or so. Caelos of the Zherron tribe and a padawan of the Academy was coming to my defense. He made his way to the front. He repeated himself, “He is Kirabaros.” He turned to look at me expectantly.

I spoke clearly, “What he says is true. Perhaps you remember the uprising of the tribes on the plains of Argon. I started a night school in the old enclave to teach what was necessary for the tribes to interact.” I then swallowed back the tears that threatened to surface. I then said, “The hunter named Zoran of the Lordes tribe gave me my name.”

That seemed to trigger a response. Sigara had come closer to peer at my face. He became convinced and shouted in Avalonian, “Heart of the Guardian! Kirabaros!”

I looked at Caelos and shot a look of thanks. He just came up and gave me a warrior handshake. I returned it in the midst of all the cheering of my warrior name, no my name.

“Why did you say you are Kirabaros, Jacen?” Juhani asked me around the campfire that night.

Everyone was still confused as to what happened except Jolee. I think he put everything together as far as my powers and my combat prowess went. Still I felt I owed it to them by explaining who Kirabaros was. Sigara and Caelos had joined us and were urging me to tell of the greatest of warrior among our people. I glossed a bit over his qualities and I told my story, the story of a boy growing up and helping people in spite of the hate that he felt for those that tormented him and his greatest accomplishment was aiding the tribes.

When I finished, they had a better understanding of it but I think they didn’t make the connection that I was the little boy in the story. Zaalbar surprised me though by saying [They were right in calling you Kirabaros. You have honor and you have courage. You stand against injustice].

I smiled a bit and allowed the silence to continue for a bit. The only noise was the occasional singing of the song of the Heart of the Guardian and it warmed my heart. It wasn’t pride but that feeling that I knew who I was. I had been debating how I was going to tell everyone my thoughts when Jolee interrupted by asking, “Look sonny, I’ll give you five credits if you stop opening and closing you mouth and tell us what’s on your mind.”

I chuckled a bit. I sighed and figured I might as well come out and say it. I began, “You know the rumors were true. Jacen did die in that fall two years ago. I had trouble these last two years coming to grips with myself. I would find myself looking at my reflection trying to look for someone I couldn’t find.

“Before we left Inkosi Kanji, that medicine man, came and sent me on a vision quest. It was to find who I was. Now I am here. I am Kirabaros. Jacen is dead.”

“I know Kirabaros,” Caelos responded. “My master told me that he knew that you would come back. You just had to find your way.”

“Look, uh, I may not understand much about your people, Ja-, er Kirabaros, but if that is what you want to call yourself, then, then I’ll respect that,” Carth replied.

I gave him a smile. One by one the others agreed saying that they will respect my wishes. I knew that my Republic friends couldn’t fully understand my words. I knew that they cared enough to respect my choices and they would voice their concerns if necessary but they weren’t Avalonians. In fact I had hard time myself believing it when I was younger but that was more from feelings of inadequacy. Seeing that my friends would support me, I turned discussion to the plans we had for Belos.

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