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Chapter 11: Law and Order
After Lorien, no, Eómeros told me about the Blood King I looked at him with a tender look of brotherhood. I distinctly heard a slight whimper but it was very soft coming from the direction of Kiara. I think the whole ordeal unnerved her and with the decline of the adrenaline, it was releasing itself. I made Eómeros comfortable and looked at Kiara.

She had a look of relief on her face but it was mingled with a curious look. I walked towards her to check on her when a loud cry sounded forth. From a hidden staircase, a Rashikian came out with a huge vibroblade. With a deft move of my hand, I summoned my lightsaber and I ignited it and sent it flying at the Rashikian where it lodged itself in his chest. I summoned it back and deactivated it. I looked at the body and felt a brief stint of disgust. I then walked to the main door and opened it to a surprised Carth and T3.

Outside the dusts of battle were settling as the handmaidens were herding the surviving Rashikians into the center of the main square of the palace. We were surrounded by the Handmaidens and the people of the city all in various degrees of weariness and injury. Kiara, Carth, T3 and I were standing on the main steps of the palace surveying the scene. Everyone was facing us as I gently nudged Kiara forward.

She stepped forward and announced to the people that Belos was once again free. A huge cheer emanated from the crowd. I checked my comlink and the reports were coming in: the other cities were successful in fending off the Rashikians now that Lorien’s hold no longer existed upon Xao Lin. I slipped off when the warriors were shouting for a new governor. It was Serena who suggested that Kiara take over as governor. As usual, proof was asked for her legitimacy. I watched from the shadows as Kiara described her family lines. I sighed a breath of relief, as they seemed to accept it. It was easier for her than me to convince the people.

I slipped further into the shadows to return to Eómeros and get him the help he needed. After seeing him to the healers I disappeared to think. I needed time to think about what Eómeros told me about the Blood King. I went back to the tower and climbed to a spot on the roof and sat there staring at the night sky. I read the stars like I did before I came home. It was comforting along with the sounds of celebration as the people celebrated their freedom.

Law and order was established within a month. There were still a few of the Rashikians wandering about and trying to hold on but Serena led the Haida women and the handmaidens after them and rounded them up. They resisted of course and they ended up being destroyed. I had no part in those events for I was busy making plans for Amshrey. Kiara was adjusting to her role as governor of Belos and she was doing fairly well in my opinion.

Eómeros was in bad shape when I saw him to the healers and I did not and was not able to see him again. I didn’t know if he was alive or dead and I briefly wondered what I was going to say to Lord Trystan about his son. I did manage to have a holo sent to him with bits of the old lessons that he taught me when I came to live with the Zherron tribe. Often at night I would wander through the palace halls to a different part of the roof to sit and stare at the stars. Sometimes I would hoist the pup up with me but for the most part, he stayed with Kiara as I had been instructing him to do.

I was on one of my observations of the stars and watching as a gradual peace was overtaking the city when I was interrupted by a grunt of someone climbing onto the roof. I looked out of the corner of my eye, not moving my head, to find Carth climbing up to sit next to me. I moved over to allow him to sit and I adjusted the pup that was in my lap. I just continued to look at the sky as Carth settled next to me. He said, “I thought I was bad at staring into space.”

A smile toyed at the corners of my mouth. I replied, “Not staring, just thinking.”

“Looking at the stars?”

“Yep. That and just reading the stars.” My gaze never left the sky. My hand was absently petting Pup. We never called him by anything else so he just became named as Pup. His mother, whom I saw a few times, I personally called Aaka, which means ‘mother.’

“Mission told me that you could tell stories from the stars.”

I snickered slightly, “Stories eh? I guess I’m losing it. I’m supposed to say what the stars say.”

“I’m just joking. You’ve just been rather quiet ever since we met Serena. Something going on?”

I decided to be honest as far as my promises went. I replied, “Just everything that has happened within these past four months. Mostly I have apprehensions about meeting him again.”


“The one who pushed me off at Garanga.” It was the first time I addressed or even acknowledged what happened. For the most part, I evaded the question as best as I could. I found it then that it was easy to talk then. I continued, “He knows I’m still alive. He’s waiting for me. I have to face him, alone.”

Carth rubbed Pup’s head and replied, “That sounds familiar. I mean uh, Rev said the same thing about when she had to face Malak and when she left to come out here.”

“What, the fact that he knows I’m alive or the fact that I have to do this alone?”

“You know I mean the alone part. Revan thought she had to face her past alone and yet here we are helping her though why she is not here fighting is confusing to me. She never liked politics.”

He was dangerously close to wheedling out why Revan wasn’t here but he was trying to make a point. It didn’t dawn on me at first that he was making a comparison. My concern was that I had to cover myself in order to keep my word. I was a lot of things but one thing was for certain, I always keep my word. I responded, “Mara asked for her help. A woman thing I guess.”

“That’s not the point Kirabaros. The point is that you think you have to do everything on your own. You are keeping things from people, you keep your thoughts to yourself and it looks often that it eats you alive. You aren’t doing anyone a favor by keeping things a secret.” He looked he was upset but emotions spoke of his concern and his worry.

“You know,” I was being devious, “you can really go on a rant when you want to Onasi.” The point was made. I knew though that this was something that he couldn’t help me with. “I understand but this is something that I have to do. He has been seeking revenge on me ever since I killed his father for trying to kill me. His father was the Judge, my tormentor when I was a boy. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold and this is one dish that is five years cold.”

Carth just looked at me not knowing what to say. It was hard to look at his face because he was a good friend. I realized I had pushed him aside and shut him out within the last year when I started remembering that last battle. He replied, “At least you told me. Revan couldn’t do that at times. I guess it was too much for her to say anything.”

“She wanted to tell you but she didn’t know how. I guess it’s easier for men to share thoughts because we say it so bluntly.” I smiled to let him know that everything was all right. “I want to tell you that I have to go first alone. Everything will go according to plan but this is something I have to do.”

Carth looked like he wanted to argue but I guess something in my eyes told him not to argue. He just nodded. He added in a joking manner, “I guess someone should stay to keep some law and order.”

I grinned in agreement. “I guess we should get started.” I made a move and slid off the roof onto the platform with Pup in one arm. Carth followed rather slowly. “Man, Mission was right Onasi. You are an old geezer.” I grinned and turned tail at a quick pace. He just shook his head and followed.

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