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Chapter 12: Dangerous Living
Here I am on the forest moon of Amshrey, alone. I had left two days ago without saying anything to anyone. I was able to get past the Rashikian fleet without problems but that left a mark on my mind as I thought about why I was here. I was technically breaking my word to Revan but I knew she would understand. In my mind I was still keeping my word seeing as I was still watching Carth for her. I was a regular babysitter yet I held no rancor for it.

Amshrey is seductively beautiful, much like Duxn, except without all the malraas and cannocks. There were dangerous creatures but they mostly left you alone if you didnt bother them and they liked to remain hidden within the forest. Still to play it safe, I kept to the branches of the trees, making my camps there as I scouted to look for safe landing zones for the fleet. I needed to be quick for the fleet would be arriving within two months at the very latest.

I was on one of my scouting trips when I met a strange little person. I was actually trying to evade capture by a patrol when the speeder I was on crashed, taking out my pursuers. I landed hard and fell unconscious. I awoke to find a strange and small creature looking at me. He was dressed like a warrior who had been living here a long time. He was rather hairy, almost like a Wookiee and looked like his full height was up to my waist. He had a spear pointed at me as I woke up and just stared at the thing. I sat up and instantly regretted it.

My head felt like it had split in two but my body felt worse. I propped myself up on one elbow and concentrated on healing a bit. I was greeted by a spear in my face and a slight growling. I slowly stood up, his eyes never leaving me and he muttered something in a strange language. I walked slowly saying, Im not gonna hurt you, and sat on a tree log. I ran my fingers through my blonde tinged hair, my two stubborn locks falling back into place.

The little creature scampered onto the log and stood with his spear pointed at me. We just looked at each other. He spoke again and my ears picked up on his language. It was an interesting dialect. Well I guess I had a hard landing though Im not sure I know where here is. Maybe you can help me.

The creature just looked at me obviously not understanding what I was saying. For once I was desperate for HKs translation skills. At least he could put together a basic rudimentary vocabulary. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair again. I was hungry so I pulled my ration pack out of my belt and began to munch on some jerky. I noticed the creature was sniffing so I offered some to him. He put down his spear long enough to grab at the piece and munch on it as he sat next to me. Some progress.

Two hours later I was being chased through the forest by a huge beast that I had only read of in the archives. How in space did terenteks get on Amshrey? The thing was huge! I would have needed at least two other Jedi to help me bring it down. I kept a fairly good pace ahead but was distracted when the furry creature fell down. I made a reach and grabbed the thing and flung him into the trees. That cost me a few seconds and I was greeted with a sharp clout to my back that sent me flying into a brush.

That hurt like bloody hell. I felt a torrent of rage at that thing and I could feel it burning through my body. I gritted my teeth and I pulled out my lightsaber. With a rumble of the brush and a tremendous amount of power behind it, I gave a huge Force Leap out and ignited my blade. The terentek roared at me and I brought my blade up. Now was the time for battle.

The terentek swung at me with its deadly claws and I managed to duck them as best as I can. I would give a few good burning clouts with my lightsaber but it seemed to make the thing angrier. In its anger, it lashed out and nearly ripped my arm out of the socket and left a deep and bloody gash. I was getting angrier myself and ignored the pain and the blood loss. I swung hard and down and made a deep gash into the right arm of the terentek. It roared and I let out a roar that matched it exactly.

The thing stared at me as I lowered my blade and stared back. I was a mess with all my robes bloodied and ripped but I kept my stance. It looked at me and roared again. I roared right back at it while staring at it in the eye. It growled at me while continuing to stare at me. I cocked my left brow at it while maintaining my gaze. I had no clue at what I was doing but it was pure reaction and instinct. I was taking what I normally did to get animals to trust me to a different level.

After what took like minutes I heard a rustling and a war cry of some sort. Then it was raining furry creatures as more of the one that I had met this morning jumped out and landed on the terentek and began their attack. I was snapped out of it and was staring rather dumbfounded at the scene in front of me. Dangerous living I guess. I jumped in to help them with my lightsaber. It was a lot easier than going at it by myself.

We finally managed to take down the terentek and the furry things were cheering. I deactivated my lightsaber and attached it back to my belt. I was aware of the pain I was in and sat on a fallen log. I pulled out a medpac and injected it and held my breath until the healing effects took place. I was interrupted when I was surrounded by the fuzzy creatures and they began talking to themselves. They kept pointing at me and speaking in their strange dialect. I was too tired to use the Force to focus on their intentions so I just watched.

At one point one who was apparently a leader of some sorts said something. The others responded and a strange sound emitted. It was strange but it sounded almost like a chant. I didnt know whether or not to bolt or just stay there. I was saved from either choice when the creature who found me pulled my hand and beckoned me to follow. I was led by the whole group up into the trees.

We walked through the trees along a platform. It distinctly reminded me of holos I had seen of Kashyyyk. I made a note to ask Zaalbar about his homeworld as I was led through the walkways. The pain had subsided from the clouts that the terentek had given me and there was nothing I could do for my robes as they were badly shredded. We continued until we came to this main square or platform. Either way it was the center of the village. Standing at the center was the actual leader of the group.

I wasnt listening to their conversation as I was distracted by a several of the furry creatures carrying what was unmistakably a piece of terentek. They prepared to put it on a spit on an already blazing fire. I thought to myself, Boy, and I thought Jolee had a strange taste in food. I banished that thought when I realized that in order to survive on this world, you had to take what you could. It wasnt going to change my mind about teasing Jolee about his cooking but it did put into mind the circumstances surrounding his meal choices.

I was brought back to the conversation when several of the creatures began pointing at me and jabbering in their language. I felt compelled to say something and I spoke in the warrior dialect and asked what was going on. They looked at me and they began to jabber excitedly. One pushed me into a seat and another shoved a plate of fruit in my face. I again asked what was going on and they continued jabbering. I realized that it was going to take a lot of work to try and communicate. I was going to explode when a female voice sounded in my left ear and said, Dont mind them. They are honoring you.

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