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Chapter 15: Battle and Meditation
While in the cell, I felt a strange sensation mostly in my stomach. I concentrated on it to find the source. Sitting there, gazing out the only window, it came to me. It was near time, she just didn’t know it. Funny how the Force works and I chuckled at the anticipation that awaited at home. I settled into the familiar sitting position I had sat in when I was a prisoner on Citadel Station. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the Force to talk to me.

The Ebon Hawk flew like a dream as it wove its way in between the Republic Capitol ships and the ships of Avalon. Behind it were hundreds of fighters, Republic and Avalonian. It looked like a graceful dance as they moved into position for the jump to lightspeed.

I was suddenly in the cockpit standing behind Atton with Visas sitting in the copilot’s seat. In the other seats were Avalonians monitoring the systems. Atton was saying into the comm, “Hey are we ready to go or not? All wings are accounted for.”

“Proceed with the countdown. All groups prepare attack coordinates.”

“Here goes nothing.”

“Hey Atton. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got you back,” Darius’ voice sounded through the comm.

“Don’t do anything crazy. Even the Mental Jedi isn’t that good.”

“It’ll all work out. There is no emotion…”

“There is peace. Alright this may be the shortest offensive ever known.”

“Just don’t have any rough landings or Revan will kill ya.”

“Crazy Jedi,” and Atton keyed the Hawk. He pulled the lever and the Hawk slipped into hyperspace. The fighter squadrons and the rest of the fleet followed it. The first phase was complete. The others will follow. It is the will of the Force.

I opened my eyes and placed my chin on my knees. The fleet was on its way. I could only hope that the ground forces would have a good mobilization. I decided to go into meditation and talk through the Force. There was only one person I truly wanted to talk to and I had taught her well. I unwound my body from its sitting position and did a slight stretch. I then moved the center of the room where I felt the most calm and kneeled in the meditative position. I gently pressed my hands together with just the tips touching and concentrated on the Force. I called to her all the way at the villa, Michaela.

No response but I felt a subtle probing within the Force. It wasn’t Michaela I knew but it was a familiar probing and my heart surged with pride at the response, Dada?

Tulre? What are you doing little sprat?

I want you Dada. Marmar busy. I miss you.

I miss you too my little warrior. You being good?

For you Dada.

A new presence entered. Apparently Michaela had sensed Tulre talking to me and decided to find out to whom.

My heart felt lighter than it had been. I responded, I am here my love. I called to you but our little sprat answered first. I couldn’t hide my pride. I had known that Tulre was Force Sensitive, just how much was a mystery until now.

He thinks he can be like you.

Marmar, I am like Dada!

Hey, since does when my Kanamoto argue with his mother?

Sorry Dada, Marmar.

Darling, why are you calling? Is something wrong?

No. I just needed to talk to you. I needed to hear your voice even if it is through the Force. I miss you.

I too. Things have been difficult but the alliances are holding. Revan is a good diplomat. I wonder where she picked that up from?
There was a hint of humor in her voice.

I must have had a smile on my face as I took up her joke, I have no clue. After all they did teach us the formalities within the Jedi Order. We have some new friends and a possible new world that may become an ally.

Is the psycho droid teasing Dada?

No. He’s been a good droid. And are you teasing me?

No Dada.

Good. I want to be able to see how big my Kanamoto has grown when I come home.

When Dada?

Soon. You will know. Now you be a good boy and take care of your mother.

All right Dada. Good-bye, I love you and I’ll see ya soon.

His little presence gone I turned my full attention to Michaela. I let my love pour through our bond to her and she responded with love of her own. I spoke gently, I am afraid but I am not. I know that going to face him is right.

I know. We, the sisters, all know. I know this is old but it is your destiny, the destiny of Kirabaros.

I know and I am glad to know that you are safe and taking care of our son. He is strong but you are his anchor.

Liar. He worships you more than you know. Thank you for telling me the truth.

Always. I have to go soon.

All right. Though you didn’t ask, she is doing fine. Mission watches out for her.

I will keep my promise.

I love you.

And I you.

I opened my eyes slowly and reflected on the conversation that I just had with my family. I missed my wife but it was overpowered by the sheer joy I felt when I felt the strength of my son’s connection to the Force. I knew that soon the Jedi from Coruscant or Avalon will come for him but I won’t let them have him just yet. I had a feeling that someone else may be up to the task.

I looked around my cell and noticed that it was early morning on the planet. I again marveled how time could fly when one is elsewhere with the Force. I stood up slowly to stretch my stiffened muscles and my right kneecap popped. I ignored the sound and walked silently to the barred window and looked out. I could see the landing platform that was near the bunker that had to be disabled. I looked at the ground below and watched as the Rashikians were going through morning exercises. They were primed and ready for battle, primed for the kill. It was disturbing that there were so many here whereas I thought there would be more in the fleet guarding the planet. I focused back to the landing platform. I was focusing so hard that I could see what was going on.

Carth led the way in after one of the Bushida warriors took the armor off the Rashikian armor of the warrior that they killed and posed as the guard. He had his blaster out and was followed by Mandalore, Juhani, Jolee, Sarna, Zaalbar and a few warriors. I couldn’t see the Shreyites or the droids. They must be left behind.

They made it to the main control. They backed the technicians into the corner with Zaalbar guarding him. I hope he doesn’t kill them with his bad breath. Carth was moving towards the main panel while Juhani moved to another. She said, “Carth we must hurry. The fleet will be here any moment.”

“Ok. Hand me the charges,” Carth replied to one of the warriors who tossed him a bag. I knew that bag. They were the special thorium charges that I made with Mira’s help when I was recovering just before she died.

I was then transported to a view outside as if I were standing near HK and T3 with Gorky. I saw as a group of troops run in. HK raised his rifle and said, “Statement: Ready! Time to kill some meatbags!”

T3 was beeping but Gorky ran off into the brush. I just stood there watching. I gazed up at the sun and noticed that it was later in the morning. I was seeing the future.

I was broken out of my vision when the door to my cell opened. I turned with an indifferent gaze to face three Rashikians, including the decrepit one who took my weapons. Another held out a pair of restraints. I offered no resistance as they placed them on my wrists. I kept my gaze as the decrepit one said, “My lord wants a word with you. Personally I hope he guts your sorry carcass.” He walked out in front and the two guards shoved me from behind.

I said nothing as I followed the decrepit one who was obviously a commander now that I could see so clearly. I kept my face straight ahead but I allowed my eyes to wander and examine the gaudy and gauche décor that made the fortress what it was. Underneath all of it, I could see that original Avalonian design existed underneath. It made me wonder if the building became corrupted as the Blood King, the Judge’s son, took residence here. The darkside could warp a normal man into the very evil that he commands so why not a building? It made sense to me but I kept that thought to myself.

I noticed that the halls seemed designed to be constricting. It was almost as if they wanted those dedicated to the light to feel constricted as if they had no room to maneuver. It was a mental ploy and could be quite effective. In fact all the observations I made kept my mind occupied and would later serve as one of the many mind blocks that I would employ when I faced the Blood King. I also began one of the interesting ploys that Darius taught me. I began to play pazaak in my head. I had never liked the game before but it was strangely comforting as I felt two others playing as well, two good friends.

We made our way to the elevator that would take us to the top level. I took a deep breath, stepped in and watched as the doors closed.

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