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Ok here is another chapter. This may be interesting for it leads up to big battle with the baddie.

Chapter 18: Victories and Losses
I was still gazing out of the glass window. I was catching glimpses of the battles on the ground and in the sky by using the Force. I realize that it could be extremely draining but I needed to know what was happening.

There was smoke everywhere, mostly from all the blaster and cannon fire that was going on. Carth was with Juhani who was trying to input the code for the bunker to open. They were pinned and taking heavy fire but with Carth’s deadly aim, he was able to keep the return fire down to a minimum. Juhani shouted above the noise, “The code’s been changed Carth. We need T3.”

Carth nodded and looked for the terminal. He opened it up and said, “Here’s the terminal.”

Juhani nodded and spoke into her comm, “T3. We need you at the bunker right away.” She had barely just finished talking when she saw a Rashikian fire his blaster. She used her bright blue lightsaber and deflected it right back at him just as Carth shot at another.

Elsewhere Jolee was with Caelos as they were chasing Rashikians through the forests. Other Bushida warriors were racing through giving chase as well. They had no problems except for an occasional blaster shot crashing into one of the huge trees near them. They were trying to clear the way for Zaalbar. They had the idea to try and commandeer one of the huge beasties with a huge cannon strapped to it. Zaalbar was going to take two of the Shreyites. If anything it was a job for a Wookiee and two Shreyites.

Mandalore was charging like a Mandalorian would. His Mandalorian warriors followed. It was interesting to watch these seemingly vicious brutes fight for in the end, they revealed that us Republics and Avalonians were no better than they were in battle. His gray helmet gleamed in the sun as they plunged deeper into the forest chasing Rashikians.

T3 managed to make it to the bunker without so much as a scratch. True to his orders, HK stayed with T3 or rather he was following him trying to protect him. The psycho droid had been unleashed. It would have been amusing to hear him say his various statements like, “Unnecessary Threat: Die smelly meatbag scum!” and “Eager Threat: My gears are quivering with the joy at killing meatbags!” T3 on the other hand was busy at the terminal. He managed to hack into the outer systems but it was complicated and the time he took wasn’t good for a flash sent Carth and Juhani crouching for covering and they didn’t see the blaster shot that had hit T3 and sent him spinning in a circle. They both watched as T3 sparked moaning and beeping.

I broke my gaze from the platform after witnessing what I had just seen. I knew that with T3 down, Carth or someone would have to hotwire the terminal to get in. I also could feel the deaths of the Shreyites, as they were not accustomed to having blasters. It disturbed me and yet I felt slightly proud that they kept fighting. Either that or it was Mandalore or something. I was distracted from this by a sharp pain to my abdomen.

It was a familiar pain that I had sensed earlier when I was in my cell. I felt it again only more sharper. Damn Force Bonds. They can take effect at even the most inopportune moments. I tried extremely hard to not let out gasps of pain but it felt like someone was running me through or beating me with a huge stick. It was distracting but I felt a surge of joy. It further fueled that dwindling fire and I knew that a sweetened victory would be won with that battle. When another sharp pang occurred, I decided that it was enough. I concentrated on dulling the pain and when that didn’t work, I forced my gazed to look at something, anything. It settled on the holo of the space battle. I concentrated, drawing on the Force.

Atton was having a heck of a time trying to avoid the heavy cannon fire coming from the ravenships. They were the equivalent of a Republic capitol ship. Atton was calling into the comm, “Watch out Darius! Three from above!”

“Got it!”

An Avalonian fighter drew fire and made many steep turns causing its pursuers to crash into their own ship’s shielding. Darius called again, “Three coming in point oh five.”

The Hawk followed suit and blasted away. As it emerged from underneath one of the Republic ships, it was nearly blindsided by a huge blast coming from a fighter. Atton’s frustration was beginning to break through and it was mingled with anger at what he called cheap and dirty tricks. He was voicing it by cussing it out in Huttese when he was brought out of it by Visas. Even though she was blind as her species was, she had amazing perceptions. She softly spoke, “Perhaps if you calmed down, we wouldn’t be hitting every single blaster bolt.”

“Right. When Banthas fly sister.”

“There is no emotion…”

Atton let out an annoyed sigh but he finished it, “There is peace.”

After that, the Hawk began to fly much more better and taking out more fighters. It is true what Davik once said of her. She is the fastest ship in the Outer Rim. Even with all the beatings she had taken, she was a tough little ship.

I was brought out of my gazing by the low menacing voice of the Blood King. He spoke, “Now you will witness the firepower of the most powerful starship in the galaxy.” I watched as he moved his hand to a button on the projector. He activated the comm and said, “Fire at will Admiral. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate and show no mercy.”

I watched the holo image with a sick feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t tell if it was the pain I had felt earlier but it was nauseating. I watched as the huge command ship powered up its main gun and fired upon some of the smaller vessels of the Avalonian fleet. I watched as the ships were burned into space dust. It was nothing compared to an atrocity that would be built millennia later but it was sickening. I was powerless to say anything thing and my eyes were glued to the images produced.

At one point I thought I could hear Atton speaking to Darius about the weapon and that we have to retreat. I resolved my will to be strong. All I was thinking of was that they had to hold the line. Carth would get the shield down and that he needed more time. I don’t know if that did anything but it made me feel slightly better as I watched as the command ship shifted course to maneuver for a different position. I saw as it again charged up the main gun and selected another target. I watched again as it fired and destroyed yet another Avalonian ship and damaging a Republic vessel nearby.

I was struggling against the sick feeling in my stomach. I tried hard not to let it show. I nearly missed the softly menacing voice of the Blood King. He said softly, “Your fleet is lost and your friends near the generator will not survive.”

I reverted my gaze to lock my eyes onto his. He seemed amused that I was being defiant in the wake of heavy losses. I composed a firm statement, “I see your fate and I sense that a change will come.”

He ended up chuckling. He then closed his eyes and said, “Good. I can feel your anger. It makes you focused. It makes you stronger. You will not stop me, not at your pathetic rate of power.” He then opened his eyes and looked at me. He continued, “Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the darkside would be complete.”

That last statement was firm. If he had used a bit of Force persuasion in it, it probably would have worked on a weak minded sentient. It was true that I had a lot of anger. It was so close to coming loose. I reverted my gaze quickly back to the holo image and I seemed to pause. With a quick movement I extended my hand to summon my lightsaber. I came quickly and I ignited it. I brought it down upon the Blood King who was equally quick and deflected it with his crimson one. He began cackling.

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