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I've been too lazy to put Broken Wounds Heal in my sig. Mach has reviewd the Lost Tales but I am going to rewrite the chapters I have already done. I have to do some heavy duty thinking about it. Well here is the next chapter.

Chapter 21: Confrontation
I could tell I made the old woman angry. I could sense that she wasn’t real, that she had been dead for some time. She was surprisingly familiar and I immediately recalled her from that time I zoned out on Duxn when I was trying to convince Mandalore to join us. She was staring at me with her eyes that were black pools and yet it looked as if she couldn’t see through them. I was gazing at them both. She spoke, “Always the sentimental fool. You turn away from such power yet you will not live.”

I was hit with a wave of lightening that sent me tumbling into one of the statues that had not been destroyed. The pain was intense as I gave a pained look at the Blood King who managed to stand and send that wave of lightening. I just groaned, much to my displeasure.

The old woman continued, “Your feeble attempts are no match for the darkness that rules to the farthest reaches of space.”

I was ready for the second bolt and it didn’t affect me as much. I somehow was able to bring my hands up to catch the bolt and absorb it into a ball of light, which I gently squeezed out. I stood slowly, regaining my footing and gave a long stare. I responded, “We are the true battleground and it is our choices that define us. You said that yourself before you died.”

I expected the lunge from the Blood King. Despite his injuries, he came at me with renewed energy, his crimson blade swinging. The old woman had disappeared as we clashed our lightsabers. He seemed to be fueled with a more intense fury than I had first seen. I allowed myself to be backed on the outdoor platform after we had smashed some of the control panels. We were oblivious to the shots that were raining down from the sky. Some of Darius’ fighters had penetrated through and were targeting the fortress.

I ignored my muscle fatigue and the pain of the lightening was wearing off as I fought back with a renewed energy. I felt an inner warmth that mostly stemmed from the strong love I had for my wife and son. I guided the fight to the eastern end of the platform, the one that had been hit at some point by one of the fighters. We were surrounded by debris and more was falling as I tried again at bringing back Tvark, “You can still be saved. Our people will welcome you back.”

“As a slave? I would rather die,” he growled back and swung. I missed one and he gave me a jab on my upper arm.

Surprisingly it didn’t hurt. I looked at him and said, “I have failed you if you refuse to change. I have failed you.”

“I should have known that you would try something pathetic as redemption.”

“What you have done to your own people…it’s evil.”

“Spare me your rants. To get to power, you have to take what you can and give nothing back.”

“A Sith would deal like that,” I said matter of factly.

“Much like she did,” he attempted a taunt at me.

I knew that he was referring to Revan but I never blew up over it. The reason being because that wasn’t her now. I knew about Darth Revan but heck that is a totally different person and I made that point after I had met Revan. I didn’t rise to the bait. I instead replied rather sadly, “Then you are lost.”

That made him mad and he began to swing wildly. I counterattacked with all the skill that I could muster. I could tell that he wasn’t going to return to the light so I tried to survive as best as I could. We were distracted from our battle when a large explosion sounded and the platform we were on shattered. I grabbed on to one of the railings that had bent and were dangling over the edge. My lightsaber had fallen off to the side and my katana had fallen right in front of me. I looked down to see a long drop into a deep pool. I looked up when I heard laughter.

Somehow the Blood King managed to avoid the blast. He was standing above me gazing at me with a look of cruel amusement his eyes. He nudged my katana over and I watched it drop. That brought the familiar sick feeling but it quickly dissipated with my will to live. I returned my gaze to the Blood King who continued to gaze at me with that sickly smile. He said, “This is familiar somewhat. Well it looks like I am in a position to kill you,” and he took a swing with his lightsaber.

I didn’t flinch as he swung. He created sparks by striking the grating that I was hanging off of. He was also weakening it and I realized that he was attempting to send me to the depths. I kept trying to adjust my grip so I could better try to get up. The sparks were showering over me as struggled. I finally caught a glimpse of my lightsaber in the corner. I looked up at the Blood King with an intense gaze. I clouded my mind with nonsense.

It must have worked for the Blood King looked confused. He also scowled at me. It was now my chance. With all the power I could muster, I pushed off of the grating that was hanging below me. Using the Force, I arced my body while summoning my lightsaber. I activated and swung. I heard a low groan and saw the spray of blood. The Blood King looked at me with a look of surprise and yet satisfaction. He fell backwards into the gully, split in half. I watched as he fell. I deactivated my saber and continued to gaze down. I had killed the Blood King.

“I never could see what Tergis saw in you but he must have done something right,” a familiar voice sounded beside me.

I didn’t have to look to see that it was the old woman from before. I replied, “You’re still trying to convince me. I’m afraid that you will hit nothing but a bulkhead, Darth Traya.”

“There must always be a Darth Traya just as there must always be a Kirabaros,” she replied.

“Just to keep everything in balance.”

“Yes and no. Jedi, Sith, merely titles. Titles are something one clings to.”

“Hmm. I suppose then that these titles are used to create the two extremes? Still for now the light will reign.”

That was one of many conversations I would have with the ghost of Darth Traya. I was a servant of the light but the years after that I developed an attitude much like Jolee’s. It would serve me well at times and it would become a gift and a curse to those of my family line that would come later

Talking to Darth Traya, I realized that this business about the True Sith was not just this fortress, it was within. The conscious is the battleground. It felt disconcertingly right and wrong at the same time but I couldn’t deny it. I heaved a sigh as I turned to go, feeling content that I was satisfied with who I was but saddened that I felt like I had failed. . For now, the confrontation that had been a long time in coming had come and been dealt with. I had tried to redeem him but he chose not to.

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