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Waiting for awhile because well, My brain is clogged with trying to prepare my research for presentation.

Well here it is, the last part of my trilogy. In order to keep with Star Wars tradition, I figured that this part fit. I want to thank all my loyal readers for their input. I even appreciate the comments from the grammar police. Without further ado, I present to you:

The day was bright and joyous with the colored banners of all the planets of the Avalonian system. Two new banners were there as well, one for the Republic and one for Amshrey. The children were waving banners and the adults were at various degrees of attention and cheering. The troops stood at attention as I and the two others who began what would be one of the strongest alliances ever walked down the aisle up to where the Lady Governor of Avalon and the brass of the Republic stood.

Revan was positioned at my right and Darius at my left as we walked up the stairs. At the top were the various leaders of the tribes, the governors and the representatives of the Republic. I caught a glimpse of Michaela off to the side holding Tulre who wriggled, trying to wave at me. Next to her was Carth holding a small pink bundle in his large arms. His daughter, my goddaughter, Lilah. I smiled at the thought and especially at the happy look Dustil was giving as I glanced at both crews of the Ebon Hawk standing with them looking rather posh and happy. I noticed Mandalore squeezing Sarna’s hand and I almost snickered.

At the top of the stairs was Lady Mara standing with her new husband Eómeros, looking better than ever. She was trying hard to be proper but couldn’t help but smile as we stood before her. She gave a smile as she returned to receive from Lord Trystan what is considered the greatest of honors. She handed us each a katana forged by one of the most ancient of masters and spoke of our honor and our courage in uniting one people and our system to the Republic.

I listened to her speech and one given by Admiral Dodonna whom I had met after the kerfuffle died down. The people were cheering as they both proclaimed how this new relationship would usher in a new age for the Republic and the Avalonian people and that Kirabaros had returned. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the appearance of my former masters. I gave a slight nod just as the speeches were finished and we were presented to the people. I looked out at the smiling faces and I felt a wave of contentment but deep down I knew that one day Kirabaros will once again be called to defend the light. I wonder at times when it will happen and who will that be.

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