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Eh... yeah, that'd be me, I guess.

What I really need is the guys on messenger to annoy the crap out of me so that I actually put it online. Otherwise I'll probably just get home from work tonight, and collapse into bed. I've got chest pains already. :/

I've been hard at work making CD covers over the weekend for a couple of things. Lost Cause I and The Prime Minister's New Groove, mostly. But it looks like I'll be taking part of next week off work, which means that I'll be wanting to get The Prime Minister's New Groove finished and online before Friday...

You know, I keep forgetting that most people who come here haven't heard Tierra, because it was online when Nightlight first debuted.

Plus I've finished writing the book, and I'm halfway through the first chapter of the sequal, so the characters are well established in MY head.

Sorry, dude. I'll pull my finger out. if you want to annoy the crap out of me over messenger. It probably needs to be done!

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