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Originally Posted by one_must_fall
wow, this is great! i have some kotor2 mods i wanted to try out but was too lazy to get to malachor.

Edit: okay, the tsl save is messed up. it only has the globalvars.res file, witch causes the game to crash when loaded.

Edit 2: /\/\/\/\ same thing for the kotor1 save.
I just downloaded these on my end and everything is working fine

You either have a corrupt download.. or you're using WinZip and it's not maintaining the folder structure architecture.

Use WinRar or 7zip to open the archives and double-check to make sure that there are several folders contained within. Also, compare the downloaded archive filesize(s) with what I have listed (if you are using a download accelerator..disable it)...

If the archives match up, make sure you're dropping the entire folder(s) (not just the contents of) into your Save directory...

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