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Psychonauts Fansite: Whispering Rock

Hello everyone! Anyone remember me? It has been months since I posted. Now, I post again, regarding a very old topic: the Whispering Rock Fan Site!

The fansite I finally finished uploading, tweaking, and revamping! And I now present it to you as such:

Whispering Rock [dot] Pfenix [dot] Net

Yay! It's completed as far as uploading and layout go.

However, I'm in need of content and staff. I don't remember much the original plan for this website's management but I do know the following:

Miss Klia was going to be the "queen bee" of this project. We were talking about access and whatnot. YO KLIA! Are you still alive out here? XD I don't know what being a "queen bee" here actually means, but probably in that she will work with me on ideas/pages/content/general stuff?

We were working on finding coders/graphic people, too, I think. This is NOT needed at the moment. Except for buttons for linking back to the site. I (or someone) needs to make more of those....

But in any case, if anyone is interested in helping out, please visit the site and look around - any page that needs content will be noted as such. (For example, the Memory Vault page doesn't have any Memory Vaults -- thus a Memory Vault Finder is needed. Etc.)

If you're not interested, then this is just a regular plug and enjoy the current selection of content.

And yes, we need fanworks! what's been going on around here?

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