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"Nice," Pyro mumbled, shooting Jimmy in the head.
"WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!!" She screamed, setting him on fire to finish him off. He immediately came back to life.
"Darn, I forgot pyro can't directly kill ordinary people," She laughed.
"I'll just have to find another way..." She hummed, poking Jimmy.
"So, anyway, what should we do now?" Suddenly, pyro's bag vibrated.
"Oh my god! Raz just texted me! He's in trouble! The REAL anti-Tim is attacking him and Sasha and Lili and most of the Psychonauts!!!" Pyro cried.
"Why do even HAVE a phone to communicate with fictional characters?" Mashi asked.
"No time to explain, we have to hurry," Pyro mumbled. She pulled her top away, revealing a spiderman outfit.
"I'm spiderman," She mumbled. Mashi gave her an odd look.
"How are you..."
"Just joking, I'm only Pyro," Pyro chuckled, magically changing back into her old outfit.
"Let's go save the world or something,"

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