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Well... That's an interesting turn up. Hope it won't take long to hear the rest! (Shadriss, do your thing! )
I can't really say anything about the episodes. They're on the same level as the previous ones. That wise guy in the library seems like a nice character, hope he'll have more appearances!
I could only object to reusing your own jokes (the ones I heard in lost cause) and those from red dwarf... I assume they are from red dwarf (unless they are reusing yours or someone else's! ) Not a big thing though, maybe it even has some twisted sense!

I've read that Number 2 wasn't meant to be in Tierra. It made me wonder what it would be like without him. In sort of a prequel story, maybe with standalone episodes like a tv sitcom. I'm going wild here, but characters are so great and enjoyable, it could work I think.

I have one question before I go; where is the intro music from? It sounds really cool and fits the show!

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