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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
So, why do you think the originals are made? I doubt people at LucasArts thought, "Wow, this is a really stunning idea! Who cares how much it sells as long as we get to express out artistic vision?" EVERY movie and game's main purpose is to make money.

The Gabriel Knight sequels were good, Broken Sword sequels were good, The Godfather sequels were good (I even like the third), and so on. Just because something is a sequel doesn't automatically make it bad.
When the originals are made, they HAVE to be creative, they HAVE to get stunning ideas if they want to make a cent with them. But when they make a sequel, they don't, since people will just say: "oh, manny calavera is back in GRIM FANDANGO 2: ZOMBIE ATTACK! since the first one was so damn good i'm gonna go buy this one right now!!!"

do you get my point?

People believe what they want to believe, Calavera.

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