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Originally Posted by Evader
Well... That's an interesting turn up. Hope it won't take long to hear the rest! (Shadriss, do your thing! )
I can't really say anything about the episodes. They're on the same level as the previous ones. That wise guy in the library seems like a nice character, hope he'll have more appearances!
I could only object to reusing your own jokes (the ones I heard in lost cause) and those from red dwarf... I assume they are from red dwarf (unless they are reusing yours or someone else's! ) Not a big thing though, maybe it even has some twisted sense!
Interesting to note, Terra predates Lost Cause. It was the first (the first right?) Nightlight release with Lost Cause as a follow up. What we're getting now, is the slightly tweaked Terra de los Muertos Special Edition. So any jokes that seem to repeat from Lost Cause, is actualy reversed.

As too referances in Nightlight plays... I've noted jokes lifted/homaged from South Park, Toy Story, Family Guy, Aqua Teen, uh....some others I can't think of off the top of my head. MJ seems to be doing it less though, which is nice, as original jokes are always far more funny,

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