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Holy jumping vanilla flavoured midgets on a cloud of greenhouse gasses!
Please upload the rest of the DVD covers. I knew about the lucascovers site, but I had no idea there were more. I'm impressed. I'd love to get my hands on those Jurassic Park covers too. I hate the official ones.
Anyways, yeah, the covers are awesome. I'm torn though... I think the Fate of Atlantis Cover would be cool if you made it just like the covers of the DVD movies. There is room in the box set if you take out the bonus material disc! I'd do it myself, but I'm having trouble finding a big scan of the art for the game without the logo and stuff.
In fact, I just started playing Fate of Atlantis for the first time. Maybe it won't turn out like I've heard. I haven't even seen the Indiana Jones movies either...
Anyways.... that version of SOMI with the journal leather background is awesome. You should do that to all the monkey island games. Or at least give me the backgroud with the yellow logos and I can do the rest.
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