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Chapter 13 - Part 2

“That day was a dark day, Ithra,” Kye said after a moment, breaking the heavy silence that had suddenly descended on the group. “Many died, and the blame is entirely mine. But it’s in the past. No one can change it.”

“No, but you can help us prevent Berland from allowing Ithra to make a similar mistake,” said Bastila.

“Mistake?" said Kye. "The massacre of the Keepers at the Haven wasn’t a mistake. I set it up on purpose.”

“You what?!” Ithra hissed incredulously.

“Ithra, I didn’t sentence our brethren to death and steal the Gem to help Revan,” said Kye. “I did it to spite him.”

“But why?” Ithra asked.

“Why?” Kye snorted. “So even if Revan did get his hands on the Gem, he wouldn’t be able to use it, that’s why.”

Ithra’s expression suddenly softened in understanding.

“Ah. So you understand now,” Kye said. “Good. Glad to see you still remember ‘some’ of what I taught you.”

“Well, I don’t understand,” said Carth. “Care to explain what you’re talking about to the rest of us?”

“No,” Kye and Ithra said in unison.

“A melody and a harmony,” Rade said absently, suddenly recalling a long forgotten conversation. Kye’s eyes flickered derisively at hearing his words.

“Rade?” Bastila asked with a furrow of concern across her brow.

“I remember…,” he said slowly. “‘You need at least two to make the Gem sing for a world. A melody and a harmony.’ That’s what Kiana said.” His expression grew troubled, and his eyes met Kye’s. “I… tortured you. When I was Revan. Made you tell me about the Gem. Made you believe that having me in charge would be better for your people. Tried to turn you to the Dark Side.” He slowly sunk down into a nearby chair, visibly shaken by the memory. “I’m sorry.”

Kye snorted with disdain. “Well, excuse me if I don’t feel like accepting your apology right now.”

“Rade? Are you alright?” Bastila asked, moving towards him and laying a hand on his shoulder.

Rade nodded, then stared at the floor. “I remember, Bastila. Remember how Kiana told me she would show me how the Gem was used, but instead, she led the Keepers to attack us. It was chaos. Shots. Blood. Screaming. They all fought to the death or were slaughtered out of anger by me and my men. And when it was all over, she and the Gem were gone.” He looked up at Kye. “It wasn’t a massacre that day. It was mass suicide.” He gave her a weak grin. “You tricked me.”

“I did,” said Kye. “But, now, here you are, back again and looking for the Gem.” Her eyes narrowed. “With two ‘Keepers’ in your custody.” She snorted. “And you want me to help you find the Gem? Dream on.”

“You and Ithra are not prisoners here,” said Bastila.

“Yet,” Kye added bitterly.

“Well, one things for sure,” Carth said to everyone. “We can’t just turn the Gem over to the Jantessans. Not now that we know what Berland plans to do with it.”

“But what about Big Z and Juhani?” asked Mission. “We can’t just leave them on Jantessa. We have to get them back!”

“And we will, Mission,” Rade soothed her. “We will. Don’t worry. We’ll think of something.”

“Well, I’m not going to do what Berland says anymore,” Ithra announced. “And without me, his plans are foiled.”

“Don’t bet on it,” Kye said to her sister. “Berland isn’t stupid. Slimy, but not stupid. And neither is Keel. I’ve no doubt that they have some sort of contingency plan in mind if you balk at their requests.”

“Berland’s apprentice,” Bastila said, thinking out loud. “Deren.”

“Deren is Berland’s apprentice?” Kye gave her an incredulous look, then shook her head. “And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse…”

“Kye, I understand your reluctance to help us,” said Bastila. “But think of what will happen if you don’t? It was Krex who told us that Co’Vanni had the Gem on Degos V. What makes you think that he won’t eventually tell Berland?”

Kye’s mouth dropped. “Krex told you that Co’Vanni had the Gem?” A look of panic flashed in her violet eyes. “Oh, this is bad. Very, very bad.” She looked at Carth. “How long until we get to Onderon?”

“About…five hours.”

“And how long would it take for a ship from Jantessa to get to Onderon?”

“About twelve.”

“Then there might still be time,” said Kye.

“Time? You’re talking as if this is a race,” said Rade.

“It is,” said Kye. “Berland already knows where the Gem is. Or rather, like me, he knows where it will be.”

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