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Chapter 14 - Part 2

((Glad to hear you're writing again, RP! Next chapter should be up within an hour or so. Just doing some final edits. I'm not very good at writing 'battle/action' scenes, so it's taking a while. Maybe you can give me some pointers?


Ok, so it took more than an hour. Still... enjoy! ))


“Kye, stop!” Bastila said, but as she sent a Force Wave out to push Kye back, Kye reflected it and Bastila’s wave pushed the entire group back against the walls of the garage.

“You can’t use the Force against her like that,” Ithra said, as she disentangled herself from between Mission and Carth. “Not when she’s expecting it!”

“Now you tell me,” Bastila grumbled as she grappled for her lightsaber and struggled to her feet.

Rade, however, was already on his feet, with his own saber glowing hot with the golden light from the special crystal within. “You want a fight, Kye? You got it!”

While the others were still sorting themselves out, Kye launched herself at Rade and he leaped forward to meet her in the middle of the room with a mighty clash of saber beams.

“Rade, no!” Bastila and Carth both called out, but Rade and Kye were already parrying each other’s blows. Quickly and furiously they battled each other, sending out sparks as their blades smashed and grated together, neither one gaining or losing ground.

“You’re good,” Rade said to her as their blades finally locked for a moment, and they each paused, pressing for advantage. “But you can’t win, Kye.”

“We’ll see,” said Kye. “You taught me all you know, Revan.” She suddenly shoved him hard, then spun backwards, only to come slicing at him in a long sweeping downward arc, singing the fabric of Rade’s shirt as he swerved to avoid it.

By this time Bastila had ignited her own saber and she charged at Kye’s flank. But Kye was quick. She wheeled on Bastila with a skill and pace that sharply reminded Bastila of the day she herself had battled the Dark Lord Revan on board his ship. While still keeping Rade at bay, Kye’s blade crashed with Bastila’s in a succession of quick exchanges, finally managing to knock Bastila’s saber out of her hand and then kick her down to the floor.

Only Rade’s quick reactions stopped Kye’s next strike against Bastila, and their sabers locked over Bastila’s prone body.

“Bastila, move!” Rade said as his blade hovered dangerously over her head, grating against Kye’s. With some effort, Rade managed to land a hard kick to Kye’s hip. Off-balance, Kye tumbled backwards, allowing Bastila time to roll out of harms way.

Kye quickly found her feet just as Rade stepped up his attack. Blow after blocked blow, he pressed her further back to the aft side of the garage, but only for a moment. Their sabers locked again. “I have no quarrel with you, Kye,” Rade said, between clenched teeth as they battled for dominance. “Stop this now and we can talk about it!”

Bastila reached out with the Force, and her saber slid across the floor and into her hands. She was about to re-enter the fray, when Jolee grabbed her arm and held her back. “No, wait,” he said to her. “Just keep them on the far side. Carth and I have an idea.” He and Carth sprinted out the garage and down the corridor.

“The time for talking is over!” Kye snarled, and with a mighty grunt, she pushed forward, giving her the space to kick his knee. Off-balance, Rade stumbled back, and Kye swung. Rade arched backwards, narrowly avoiding her blade slicing him in two. As she followed through with a downward sweeping arc, Rade ducked and rolled, her blade passing just over his head.

“Stop it!” Ithra cried out to the both of them. “Just stop it! Both of you!”

But the battle continued. Soon, Kye’s nose was bleeding from a well-aimed elbow by Rade, but Rade was also bleeding—from a cut on his upper arm that hadn’t been totally cauterised by Kye’s blade.

“Ow!” Feeling a sharp pain in her thigh, Kye glared down at the astromech droid she had just bumped into, then angrily kicked it over and used a burst of the Force to shove it out of her way.

“Clumsy,” Rade said as he blocked her next blow. “Better watch where you’re going.”

His insult made her renew her attack, and Kye pushed forward. But, Rade continued to block, and soon had pushed her back. It was obvious that both were tiring from the duel, but it was also obvious that neither was giving up just yet.

“I don’t have to look to know where you’re going!” Kye spat at him. She made an unexpected twist. “You’re going straight to hell!” she said as her blade swung towards Rade’s neck. But quite suddenly, and for no apparent reason, she lost her balance and her blade totally missed her mark. Her eyes widened with surprise as she staggered unsteadily backwards, but she quickly regained her footing and stood ready to defend herself.

But confused himself by her sudden unsteadiness, Rade had paused. It was then he spotted Jolee and Carth helping to right T3 near the aft corridor. As soon as T3 was standing solidly on the floor, Jolee winked at Revan.

“Put your saber down, Kye,” Rade said. “It’s over.”

“Not while I have blood left in my veins!” Breathing heavily now and increasingly unsteady on her feet, Kye still managed a few more good strikes at him, but she seemed surprised that Rade was not attacking in kind, but merely defending against her blows while continuing to stare over her shoulder. Confused, Kye took the chance to look in the direction of Rade’s gaze. And then she saw it. The droid T3--and the empty syringe it held in one of its utility arms.

“You drugged me?” she said incredulously. She stumbled again, but as Rade moved forward to disarm her, she raised her blade and swung at him wildly, keeping him at bay.

“Is that what you did to them?” she asked, panting for breath while struggling to keep on her feet and focus her eyes. “Drugged them? Instead of denying them death? So you could…. access their minds?” Kye’s knees gave way and she sank to the floor. “You sick bastard.”

Woooo the droid whistled dolefully.

Rade approached her and easily switched off her saber and took it from her limp hand. She was struggling to stay conscious now, the drug injected into her by T3 now starting to take full effect. “You mutilated them,” she said, her voice weak. Preserved them in…kolto…. Only to keep… their… consciousness… alive.” She collapsed flat onto the floor. “You monster…” Her eyes closed.

Rade knelt close to her and was just feeling for her pulse on her neck when Jolee and Carth joined him. “Her breathing’s rapid and heavy, but her pulse is steady and strong,” said Rade.

The old Jedi nodded. “She’ll be fine. What I gave her won’t last long,” he said. “Couple of hours at most. But she’ll be more comfortable in the med bay.”

But as Jolee and Rade started to lift her, Carth said, “No. I’ll take her.” He lifted her gently, and followed Jolee away to the med bay.

“I’m sorry,” said Ithra, head low and looking down at the floor as Rade approached her. “I didn’t mean to upset her like that. But, I just couldn’t tell her.” She grimaced as if the very thought of the artificially kept Keeper ‘survivors’ made her nauseous. “It was too horrible.”

“It’s not your fault, Ithra,” said Mission, patting Ithra’s shoulders.

“Mission’s right,” said Rade. “Your sister’s hatred for me was bound to come out sooner or later.” His expression grew worried. “But I certainly don’t remember doing the things she accused me of.”

“Only Berland has access to that part of the Foundry,” said Ithra. “He restricted it, after I wandered in after him and saw… ‘them.’” She swallowed hard. “It was so ghastly—to see the three of them floating in those tanks, mutilated and….” She let out a shuddering breath, then shivered. “Berland helped me forget about it. But, now, seeing Kye again, I… “ She paused, taking a deep breath, then exhaling slowly. “I don’t know why Berland keeps them, but, now that I think about it, it seems likely that’s how he obtained the knowledge to finish teaching me and the rest of the Novices.”

“That’s why you have gaps,” said Mission.

“Gaps?” Rade asked.

“Kye said that Ithra had gaps in her knowledge base,” said Mission. “Makes sense if Berland was getting his information to teach her by…”

“By non-traditional means,” Bastila finished for her, having noticed Ithra’s increasing discomfort on the subject.

Mission nodded. “Yeah.”

“Well, if Revan left Berland on Jantessa,” said Bastila, “it’s more likely that Berland, not Revan, was responsible for… the suvivors’ continued captivity.”

“Well, Kye was right about one thing,” Rade said. “We don’t have much time. We have to find that Gem before Berland does.”

Carth’s voice came over the intercom. “All right people, we’re landing in Iziz in ten minutes. Should be pretty smooth this time, but all the same, fasten your seat belts.”

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around)

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