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Back from California!

There was a noticible lack of internet access there. >_< I was prepared for not having FTP and email, but not for COMPLETE isolation from a computer.

Still, things got done, despite my invisibility.

- fanart submissions have been going strong and will be uploaded tomorrow. I just need to figure out the best way to exhibit it all! Thanks to all who have contributed so far!

- memory vaults have been found everywhere (including a few zip files on my hard drive, gosh!) so those will be arriving soon as well! Thanks for all the help with finding them online!

- Smon's buttons will also be added tomorrow.

- We have a someone willing to write a walkthrough! Cheers for original video gaming reference -- that's yummy content.

- Contacted Juno! She wishes me to tell everyone involved that she's very happy to see the site up and running again.

- Re: Darth_Ave's comment - Please do make avatars! That would be terrific and fantastic and wonderful. Perhaps you'll even end up as a Master Avatar Creator [MAC]. and, yes!...

- FANFICTION: This section will be added to the site as a "coming soon" page, so that fanfic writers will be encouraged to send in their work.

CONCLUSION: I just arrive two hours ago. Woke up at five am and got back home at eleven pm. All day travel sux0rs. Am beat. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for me (varsity tennis tryouts *gasp*) but I hope to finish all of the above updates too--don't want to fall behind when the site's still new! And if anyone has any questions, comments, ideas, content, sarcasm -- I can now answer email on my normal account at

Need sleep... see y'all tomorrow!

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