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- fanart submissions have been going strong and will be uploaded tomorrow. I just need to figure out the best way to exhibit it all! Thanks to all who have contributed so far!
I hope I have helped even a bit with that.

Here's what I love
-Concept art: That page is set up beautifully and the little thumbnails make me go crazy.
-Renders: Same as above.
-Audio: Great selection and really adds original content to the site.

Here's what needs work
-Screenshots: Instead of having them link to the Index, why not just have them there? When we get more screenshots them perhaps we could section them off.
-Wallpaper: Good idea, but we obviously need some art, would you want me to go get some wallpaper artists I know, and perhaps fan wallpaper/wallpaper could be combined then sectioned off.
-Cheats: They're a great idea, but I think cheats/glitches would work a lot better as I know a lot of us could add to this site.
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