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Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
Since Astro is busy at the moment...
This is indeed correct. Very busy atm. Thanks for keeping it going all !

Yuri, it was a bit premature to speculate that the senate were ready to decalre the jedi enemies of the state(as happened in ROTS). Indeed Sidious/Palpatine was not in power at this stage(although influencing things as Naboo's Senator of course. The plans were accelerated to:
1. Allow TF troops to land on Naboo
2>Spook The Galaxy
3. Create a political climate allowing for Senator Valorum to be voted out, thereby
4>Allowing Palpatine to be elected.

as an added bonus, Sidious also ordered for the Jedi to be killed, but I dont for a moment think he expected the bungling neimoudians to succeed

Just to confirm !!! NO COUNTING QUESTIONS !!!

Anyone who does so will be made Supershdows Episode 7-9 script editor

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Q. Apart from the jedi starfighter in ROTS, what other ship demonstrates a mechanism allowing R2 to be pushed out of his socket ??

Bonus 2 points: PIC


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