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Back again!

New pics, first from some new mods coming soon...

From my Mavic Chen reskin set: - Too terrible to release!

I'll post pictures of the DS transitions later.

A new gun I've been working on

The prizes on offer at the new duel rings (modelled by clone troopers by Prime et al.)
Some weapons I was thinking of releasing as a pack...

And now some new pictures from Rhen Var:
New LS lightsabre (still in need of a little work, as you can see)

Also, a competition, just to keep people interested. The first person to guesswhat this model is, from just that picture wins the chance to choose which mod I release next ( and I have to release within 48hrs):

Broken bottle for K1 and TSL - Released
Sonic Screwdriver for K1 and TSL - Released
Batleth/Sword for K1 - Released
Ming the Merciless reskin for K1 - Released
Candalore unbearded for TSL
Reskin pack for K1 comprising of:
Darth Malak, Jedi Malak
Mandalorians, Uthar Wynn,
Yuthura Ban, Master Zhar,
Master Vandar (two skins), Master Vrook,
Juhani and Bastila (clothing)
Jolee and Mission (clothing)
HK-47 and T3-M4 and Komad Fortuna.
- Too terrible to release!
Mods Released
That's what Control said.

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