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Hey there. It's me again. Just thought I'd say hi and taunt those listenning to Tierra for the first time. I'm getting all giddy and nostalgic thinking about it. I might have to have me a big ol' Nightlight fest one of these days. I'm happy to see that there's still action on the forums though. I remember those massive dead patches a while back. Good work keeping your child alive 8. I mean MJ. I mean Urchin. WHY CAN'T YOU STAY THE SAME PERSON!? Anyhoo, Tierra is a freakin awesome series. I still remember checking Nightlight everyday for new installments. And hearing that first episode! The good old days. I want to cry.

And up date your staff list for christ's sake. I'm nineteen. And that picture makes me look like a pudgy little imp child. Replace it with one of David Hasselhoff. No one will be able to prove it's not me.

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