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Btw, I just had an AWESOME run of MotS games last night with xxMasterKatarnxx (Andrew), Lathain Valtiel and LS_Nick (?Gridlock). It was the biggest game of MotS I'd played since 2003! We actually had four people for like 99% of the game. We played personalities: deathmatch, MotS CTF and a little bit of KFY at the end.

Lag was minimal (one of us was on dialup, I hosted), and amazingly, none of the MotS bugs cropped up (like the infamous multiple falling death bug). A few of us got spammed with carb gun, but that was to be expected, hehe.

My team got smoked repeatedly except for the last game, where it ended in a bit of a stalemate (both of the flags were held and neither of us could be killed), but we won based on points from having more kills.

Despite the rustiness you'd expect over the long years of not playing, it was amazing how quickly I could pick the game back up and what kinds of things I remembered about the game. Anyway, lots of fun, I hope we can do some more of it this weekend!

I played a game with "t3ch" earlier, and he beat me, though I made mention that somebody called me on the phone during our second map, so I was a little distracted (not that he wasn't good, he was!), which was an excellent warmup though.

One thing I did learn... MotS CTF with the Soldier class is VERY frustrating. Yes, he's great on defense, but that's about it. He's too slow to be an effective flag runner (unless everyone else is also a soldier), and his lack of Force powers make navigating a map like Challenge at Nar Shaddaa a nightmare. If you don't mind purposely killing yourself over and over again until you respawn in your own base though, that might not be so bad. It seems like Jedi and Scout are really the best choices for MotS CTF (though a BH is really annoying on defense since he can freeze people quickly and easily!). It would be fun to play with Ranked Jedi next time to see how MotS stacks up in that regard.

PS: Just remember when you play MotS CTF, to enable "Teamplay" check when hosting the server and to have people use the Command: Team # after they enter to fix their team skins if it doesn't register (as it didn't for some of us). The team tunnels will swap you automatically to red or gold, but sometimes MotS forgets to update it.

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