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So far we have this for a todo list:

- Convert File Formats to Raven Versions
- Remove excess MISSIONPACK stuff from engine
- Tweak Console Colors to be like JKA
- Correct the playerState and entityState to be like JKA
- Add Ghoul2 stuff ? :Nervous
- Add support for FX stuff (wont be easy)
- Add support for Light Styles (wont be easy)
- Add support for Raven's weather code :blueno
- Add support for RMG/Terrain crap. (wont be easy)
- Add support for Ambient Sound stuff. (wont be easy)
- Fix up file paths and use jka's asset files instead of pakx.pk3
- Remove CD key stuff / add checks for USE_CDKEY like jka
- Change master and auth servers to jka ?
- Change port numbers
- Change protocol number [use 26 (1.01) or maybe 27?]
- Language System :how2do:
- Find a replacement for ICARUS ?
- Siege Persistant ... :nono: Re-write all of siege plz
- True Malloc/Free (I think I've already written this)
- Add PNG Support
- Add MP3 Support
- Remove need for the \ in console like JKA for known commands.
- Merge misc fixes not in IOQ3
- Merge Unlagged Code
- Allow mods to use old basejka style font or use q3:ta style.

iojamp project lead / coder

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