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Name: Macon plex
Birthplace: Corellia
occupation: Jedi Knight
weapons:Blue lightsaber,
Vehicles: healvily modifed Corellian Yt-1300 Freghter
Era: galctic civil war
strengths: 15,000 medichroleans,Inteligent, Expert pilot,and awesome duelist
weaknesses:Cocky, headstrong,


accept in to the order at the late age of 7 he quicky became a favorite of the jedi masters. his Master Nejaa Halcyon taught him well just before gennosis he took the trials and became a jedi knight he now has a padawan Dak Antilles. He has secretly married to another jedi named holly starkiller only the only witness was his droid X3-R2 a astro droid that has a vocabulater

Use The Force, Let it flow through you

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