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I'm in the process of intergrating all the bugfixes into OJP and I notice that I can't replicate the following bug. Ensiform, if there maybe additional conditions for this bug to occur? Thanks!
2. bot_minplayers removerandom bot bug where it kicks spectators watching them instead of the bot:

change the following in g_bot.c:

trap_SendConsoleCommand( EXEC_INSERT, va("kick \"%s\"\n", netname) );


trap_SendConsoleCommand( EXEC_INSERT, va("clientkick \"%d\"\n", cl->ps.clientNum));
Edit: Also, Ensiform, would you mind adding additional position information for those bugs mentioned in the starting post? I'd feel more comfortable if I could see exactly where the code is supposed to go. Maybe just show the line of code that preceeds the patched code? Thanks!

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