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Angry Custom Characters

Is it just me or is the custom character feature not as flash as the trailer and demo made it out to be?

They say that upon unlocking new characters and such you recieve their pieces in cc mode and can create them using these parts. However, I found that many of the torso and head parts are missing, such as Captain Antilles body. I had my heart set on simply rebuilding Antilles and Han Solo and giving them a lightsaber. Now, I've done this for Han (sadly no red lightsabers) but I can't seem to find Antilles' body, along with many other torsos and heads.

Another issue worth pointing out is the lack of hair pieces. I have been unable to create a character with their own hair, unless I leave them bald or give them a hat or that pink hair. This really ticked me off, as I believe this was a big mistake.

So am I supposed to put up with this or is their an "extra" I have yet to unlock? All in all, the custom character creator didn't live up to my expectations. What was everyone elses impression of it?

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